A Meath farmer has discovered that his new tractor has an additional 6,200 hours of work done than what is recorded on the clock.

The 08 New Holland T6010 currently reads 6,300 hours on the clock, but was discovered to have done 12,500 hours when the electronic control unit (ECU) was read by a mechanic.

“I brought the tractor in for a routine service when the mechanic discovered the ECU and clock in the dash weren’t reading the same hours,” Gerry Victory told the Irish Farmers Journal.

“After further investigation, the mechanic discovered that the original clock had been switched out of my tractor with a New Holland tl80.”

Advice for others

Victory bought the tractor for €38,000 on finance and has warned other farmers to be cautious when buying second-hand.

“There’s a huge difference in a tractor with 6,000 hours and 12,000 hours on the clock.

“The mechanic discovered wear on the clutch and previous issues with the PTO,” Victory continued.

“The tractor was originally imported from England, so I’m not sure where along the line the clock was switched out. Other farmers should be careful when buying second-hand.”