When did you set up your business and why?

We launched our business in June 2021. We set up our fashion brand because we found that when we went shopping, we identified the majority of leading commercial brands were using a mix of synthetic fabrics in their garments.

This was a huge pain point for us as consumers.

We wanted to make a change and create a range that was not only affordable, but one which our market research informed the choice of fabric.

Can you explain the thought process behind your collection?

An interest in comfortability has been on the rise over the last couple of years and the pandemic brought a simple way of dressing for us all.

We thought knitwear would be the perfect item of clothing for women to wear when returning to work that wanted to look fashionable and feel comfortable at the same time.

It was also a step up from loungewear, which we thought everyone would be so tired of at the end of the pandemic.

Knitwear is also a year-round wardrobe staple and we wanted to create a product that would have longevity and people would really get wear out of.

We design the collection in Ireland and it is produced with the one supplier in India who is global organic textile standard (GOTS) certified, meaning that each stage of development, fabric sourcing and labour is sustainable.

It was important for us to use GOTS certified organic cotton in our collection, not just for the soft comfort and breathable characteristics, but because certified organic cotton is far more ethical.

Jane and I believe that organic cotton will very much be the fabric of choice for future generations.

We feel it is vitally important to support organic cotton farmers and the obvious market demand for this kind of GOTS certified material.

For every sale transaction made, Style Ignite Studio Ltd donates €1 to Friends of the Earth Ireland.

We want to support Friends of the Earth because they are a recognised organisation supporting various campaigns that matter to us all.

They campaign and build movement power to bring about the systemic change for a just world where

people and nature thrive.

What is your best seller?

Our Meg cable knit cardigan €89 is our best seller. The cable knit design alludes to an outdoor heritage feel. It comes in a gorgeous rose, mulberry and olive. People really love it because it is easy to throw on over anything and it is a simple way to elevate any outfit.

What is it about your business that brings you joy?

So much about our business brings us joy. We love creating and working on a collection from start to finish and seeing the final product.

It brings us joy to be working on something of our own and we love that we have built something from scratch.

Meeting like-minded people has also given us joy! We did a pop-up during the month of December with 11 other Irish brands. It was a great way to make new friends in the industry and help each other grow.

It gives us joy when we overcome challenges that the business brings!

It also gives us great joy to interact with our customers and get feedback from them.

What are your hopes for 2022?

To grow the business and build our range.

What advice would you give to another start-up business?

Be patient. Don’t lose focus and move forward.

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