A common obstacle in subdividing larger fields into smaller paddocks on drystock farms is water trough location.

Traditionally, troughs were located in the corner of a field, or close to the field entrance where there was a hardcore surface. In recent years, farmers have started to install troughs more centrally, but still find location a limiting factor in subdividing a paddock.

Progressive Farming Company Limited is the UK and Ireland distributor of Kiwitech fencing and water systems products.

Among the products it stocks are Kiwitech troughs, portable water troughs designed in New Zealand to allow one trough to be easily moved between paddocks for rotational grazing.

Trough sizes

The trough comes in two forms. The MicroTrough weighs just 1.5kg and is suitable for up to 50 adult cattle, while the larger R100 Drag trough is suited to both cattle and sheep, with a 100-litre capacity.

The Drag Trough weighs 10kg, is capable of providing 100 cows or 400 ewes (at a flow rate of 45/l min) with water and is capable of being dragged by hand or an ATV when empty due to its robust design.


The MicroTrough has a pin on the underside, to prevent it being tipped over by livestock.

Valves on both troughs are underneath the trough to prevent interference from livestock, with the floats described as “indestructible”.

The smaller MicroTrough is only suited to cattle.

The system was originally designed for rotational grazing of bulls.

Moving troughs

Both styles of trough are connected to a 25mm (1in) supply pipe through the Kiwitech hydrant.

This fitting allows a trough to be connected without the need for tools or any unscrewing, and also allows for troughs to be connected under pressure, resulting in no need to shut off water supply when moving and connecting troughs.

The Kiwitech Hydrant is a quick-connect fitting that allows a 25mm pipe to be connected or disconnected under pressure.

The 25mm pipe from the Kiwitech trough is pushed into the hydrant, twisted and then pulled to secure, with no inserts required. Hydrants can be located along the length of the pipe in the farmer’s chosen location.

For pipes other than 25mm, additional adaptors can be sourced.

One drawback to the system is that Kiwitech troughs and hydrants are not for use with mains water supply, due to the potential risk of backflow, requiring an airgap in the system.

A header tank, such as one that may be located in a dwelling house attic, is necessary in using the Kiwitech system.


  • MicroTrough: £68.32.
  • R100 Drag Trough: £268.80.
  • Kiwitech Tee hydrant: £16.76.
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping costs. Kiwitech water systems cannot be purchased online in ROI and must be purchased by emailing sales@progressivefarming.co.uk

    A full range of products can be found on www.progressivefarming.co.uk