Solar PV suppliers are reporting a boom in enquiries and leads from farmers and members of the public at this year’s National Ploughing Championships.

Close to 300,000 people attended this year’s event and despite the mood being relatively upbeat, the realities of the ongoing energy crisis formed the topic of conversation among many attendees.

Exhibitors who were supplying solar PV systems in particular reported a significant increase in interest in the technology from attendees of the event this year.

With soaring energy prices and a number of grants already in place, many farmers are now looking into solar PV as a means to reduce energy bills over time and earn an income from exporting excess electricity to the grid.

One supplier who spoke to the Irish Farmers Journal but did not wish to be named said they recorded a fourfold increase in enquiries when compared with 2019.


However, despite the increase in enquiries, there was frustration among some suppliers at the slow pace of the roll-out of measures from the Government to increase the uptake of solar PV systems.

Suppliers expressed their frustration specifically in relation to the roll-out of the Micro-generation Support Scheme, which would see guaranteed payments made to generators who export electricity to the grid.

The scheme was launched last December, but still hasn’t been fully implemented.