Young people should be able to build in rural Ireland - O'Brien
Sarah McIntosh
The expansion of the first home scheme to include self-build properties is very significant to incentivise young people to build in rural Ireland, writes Sarah McIntosh.
2 October 2023 News
Environmental NGOs and renewable sector join for pre-budget calls
A pre-budget submission from environmental NGOs and renewable energy association has called for increased investment to develop an environmentally-sound transition to a zero-carbon power system.
23 September 2023 Opinion
A guide to Ireland's political parties
With the registration application of Ireland's 26th political party, Pat O'Toole looks across the current crowded field.
Organic Hub fixes one problem - there will be others
If organic farming doesn't succeed in Ireland, it won't be for lack of promotion and Government support.
22 September 2023 News
Rural TDs boycott Ploughing over cash restrictions
Mattie McGrath and Michael Fitzmaurice have criticised the National Ploughing Association’s move to online ticket sales.
20 September 2023 Dealer
Martin Stapleton 'determined to restore respect to farmers'
The Irish Farmers Journal asked IFA presidential candidate Martin Stapleton what he believes is the most pressing issue for Irish Farmers and what he would change in the IFA.
20 September 2023 News
Budget 2024 should pay farmers for nature restoration - environmentalists
Farmers should get more funding, outside of the CAP, for nature restoration, said environmentalists.
18 September 2023 News
IFA protests in Limerick city outside Fine Gael think-in
The IFA continued its protest campaign in Limerick city on Friday morning, with farmers expressing their anger over the cut to the nitrates derogation.
15 September 2023 News
IFA to protest at Fine Gael think-in
Farmers are set to gather outside the Strand Hotel in Limerick city from 7am on Friday morning.
14 September 2023 News
Farm leaders on derogation: ‘it lands at the door of the minister’
Farmer leaders shared their views on the cut to Ireland’s nitrates derogation. Barry Murphy and Rachel Donovan report.
13 September 2023 News
AD, derogations and dairy farmers – can they coexist?
It’s time to have a serious conversation about how developing an anaerobic digestion sector will integrate with the dairy sector, writes Stephen Robb.
13 September 2023 Renewables
Green diesel up 35% since July as prices hit €1.20/l
Green diesel prices continue to trend upwards as a result of reinstated excise duties and crude oil price highs of $91/barrel, resulting in quotes this week between €1.17/l and €1.20/l.
13 September 2023 News