Meeting 2030 emissions targets will mean fewer cows
Adam Woods
Adam Woods sits down with Thia Hennessy, chair of the Food Vision beef and sheep report, to talk about the report and its proposals.
7 December 2022 News
Opinion: reality bites for farm organisations
Adam Woods takes a look at the next steps for farm organisations in relation to this week’s Food Vison beef and sheep report.
7 December 2022 News
Government must make up its mind on farming - ICMSA
ICMSA president Pat McCormack delivered an address to members and Minster for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue at the association’s AGM on Monday.
Carthy brings beef to the ICMSA agm
Despite Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil being present at the ICMSA agm, it was the Green Party who farmers focused their frustrations on.
7 December 2022 News
Tackling energy costs on poultry and pig farms
In our latest article on energy efficiency on farms, Stephen Robb and Teagasc’s Barry Caslin discuss the options to tackle energy costs on poultry and pig farms.
Farm transfers safe under a Sinn Féin government - McDonald
The Sinn Féin leader commits that farm assets won't be targeted by capital taxation should her party form the next government.
5 December 2022 News
Anaerobic digestion industry calls for Government support scheme
Over half of the attendees at the Gas Networks Ireland conference are currently involved with developing an AD plant
29 November 2022 EU
‘Radical overhaul’ of Ireland’s approach to biodiversity needed
Members of the Citizen’s Assembly on Biodiversity Loss voted overwhelmingly in favour of holding a referendum of the people to amend the constitution with a view to protecting biodiversity.
27 November 2022 Climate and environment
Tillage scheme a positive but leaves farmers in a quandary none the less
With many challenges impacting food production, Rachael Doak wants people to understand how much of an impact politics and war have on farming
23 November 2022 Editorial
NI missing out on debate over new CAP
A new system of CAP payments in the EU comes into play from 1 January 2023.
23 November 2022 Northern Ireland
Opinion: rural communities feel forgotten and see independent TDs as their voice
The devastation wreaked by a mini-tornado on a small community in south Wexford has exposed the sense of isolation they feel.
19 November 2022 Opinion
Full impact assessment on proposed EU nature restoration law needed
Farmers need to know how many hectares of farmland will be affected and the scope of the proposed restoration measures on these lands, the IFA has said.
17 November 2022 News