Mart managers’ report an upturn in buying demand for dairy bred calves which has helped to boost prices.

Angus, Blue and Limousin sired calves around four to five weeks old are highly sought after by a growing number of farmers specialising in dairy calf-to-beef finishing.

Bull calves born in early October are generally returning prices from £260 to £320 for good quality animals, with £350 to £380 regularly paid for calves born in late September

Early October born heifer calves with Angus breeding are typically making £220 to £280, with Blue and Limousin cross calves making £270 to £330 for top quality AI sired animals.

Hereford calves are making £200 to £250 for early October born animals, with bull calves securing a £10 to £20 premium over heifers.

Friesian calves are a more challenging trade with prices between £50 and £100, although numbers coming on the market are relatively small.

Younger calves

Calves born in mid to late October are also a firm trade. Angus calves are making £180 to £240 for good quality lots around two to three weeks old, easing back towards £140 for plainer sorts.

Hereford calves are generally making £20 to £50 less depending on quality.

Limousin and Blue calves are in the region of £200, rising toward £250 for top quality calves with good colour markings.

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