Marts across NI have recorded higher prices for weanling and store cattle in recent weeks.

Improved grazing conditions have seen more “grass buyers” attending sales during May, although mart managers indicate many farmers are using agents to source animals for grazing.

On average, good quality bullocks are up 15p/kg over the past month, adding around £75 to the value of a 500kg animal.

From mid-April to mid-May, mart prices for good quality continental bullocks up to 400kg, have risen from 335p/kg to 350p/kg.

For bullocks weighing 400kg to 500kg, prices have increased from 313p/kg to just over 325p/kg, while heifers are up from 330p/kg to 340p/kg.


Compared to previous years, bullocks weighing 400kg to 500kg have seen the largest increase in sale value, having averaged 323p/kg over the five week period from mid-April to mid-May.

In 2023, bullocks within this weight range were at 303.7p/kg, creating a £96 differential on a 500kg animal year on year.

Bullocks weighing upwards to 400kg have averaged 346.7p/kg this spring, marginally ahead of the 342.5p/kg recorded last year. Heifers weighing up to 450kg averaged 336.2p/kg since mid-April, up from 336.2p/kg in 2023.

However, when comparing 2024 prices with those from 2022 there are significantly greater price gaps emerging. Back in 2022, bullocks up to 400kg averaged 277p/kg and for those weighing 400kg to 500kg, the average was 259.5p/kg.

That equates to a £278 differential for a 400kg bullock, rising to £317 on a 500kg steer.

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