Grassland management: dealing with the aftermath of rain
Aidan Brennan
Widespread heavy rain across the country on Friday and more rain in the forecast for the next few days means land is getting wet.
28 September 2022 Farm machinery
New range of pasture rejuvenation kit from Kilkenny firm
Tipperary dealer Benn Agri returned to the Ploughing last week, displaying a range of kit from Irish and overseas manufacturers, including newcomer Alan Ward Engineering.
28 September 2022 Management
Grass+ Beef: farm covers peak as growth set to decline
The average farm cover is set to peak this week, with cooler temperatures and shortening daylight hours set to affect grass growth.
Thrive: avoiding under-performance pitfalls with autumn grazing
Declan Marren looks at some steps to take to maintain liveweight gain in the run-up to housing, as the last rotation begins on many dairy-beef farms.
28 September 2022 Grass & feeding
Dairy management: when to start closing paddocks for winter
With just six or seven weeks left in the grazing year, Aidan Brennan takes a look at when farmers should be closing up paddocks for the winter.
26 September 2022 Management
Take the positive tillage vibes from Government
Tillage farming is now being recognised as a low emissions sector and the sector should embrace this recognition.
25 September 2022 News
Five tips for utilising autumn grass
Grazing can be tricky to manage in autumn, but following some of the outlined tips can help improve grass utilisation.
24 September 2022 Management
Watch: world’s largest forage harvester sits centre stage at Ploughing
Gary Abbott spoke with Declan Smyth of Farmhand, Ireland's Krone importer, to get an overview of the world’s largest forage harvester, the Krone Big X 1180.
23 September 2022 News
Weekend weather: sunny spells and scattered showers
Sunday is forecast to be a cloudier day, with scattered showers and highest temperatures of 14°C to 17°C.
23 September 2022 News
Grass+ Beef: growth good but stock flying through grass
Another positive week of grass growth right across the country but many farmers are reporting stock moving through grass at quite a rate, making it very difficult to increase the average farm cover.
21 September 2022 Grass & feeding
NI Sheep Programme: Getting ewes ready for breeding at Tynan Abbey
Kate Kingan and Peter Mant are making final preparations before the rams go out with the ewes on 1 October. Kieran Mailey reports.
21 September 2022 NI Sheep Programme
Farmer Writes: minding concentrates, concentrates the mind
With an increase in ration prices over the year, Tommy Moyles is looking at where he can make savings without compromising on animal performance.
21 September 2022 Farmer Writes