Cattle facing growing fluke burdens
Kieran Mailey
Fluke is becoming a major health issue in cattle herds following the wet summer and autumn.
23 September 2023 Grass & feeding
The Grass Week: tough conditions leading to more management
The heavy rainfall over the last few days has quickly saturated ground and made grazing off heavy covers tricky.
20 September 2023 Grass & feeding
Heavy rain and heavy covers causing headaches
With the volume of rain that has fallen in the last few days making grazing heavy covers tricky, it may be time to change tack.
Strip grazing and back fencing returns for most
Heavy downpours over the past week have made soils saturated, making grazing a major headache on some farms.
20 September 2023 Grass & feeding
GrassMax the overall winner of Innovation Arena Awards at Ploughing 2023
The Innovation Arena Awards competition recognises innovative and cutting-edge products and services from agri-tech entrepreneurs.
19 September 2023 News
The Grass Week: warm soils keeping growth afloat
Soils are between 3.4°C and 6.2°C above normal, which has been the main reason for strong growth figures recently.
16 September 2023 Grass & feeding
'Amazing what can grow without any chemical inputs'
Evidence is mounting that multispecies swards can effectively reduce farm inputs, enhance farm sustainability and improve animal performance, writes Emma Hart.
13 September 2023 Footprint Farmers
Growth holds firm although weekend weather may challenge graze outs
Soil temperatures are allowing high growth to remain, though grazing may become a challenge as wet weather is set to return.
13 September 2023 Grass & feeding
Heat disappears but strong growth remains
The recent hot spell has left warm soils and good growth rates in its wake, but things can change quickly at this time of the year.
13 September 2023 Grass & feeding
Clarke Engineering to launch two new sizes of grass harrows
Clarke Engineering is set to add two sizes of grass harrows to its growing range at this year’s Ploughing Championships, Peter Thomas Keaveney writes.
13 September 2023 Farm machinery
Reality check needed for Minister Ryan
Minister Eamon Ryan suggested that the 3,000 mostly dairy farmers impacted by the drop in the derogation limit should consider producing grass for anaerobic digestion (AD) instead of cows.
13 September 2023 Viewpoints
Five tips to improve grass utilisation in autumn grazing
Getting good utilisation in autumn grazing can be tricky. Outlined are five tips to get the most from grass as the grazing season moves into its final few weeks.
9 September 2023 Management