Five tips to prepare for autumn calving
Kieran Mailey
On farms where autumn calving gets under way in August, outlined are some preparation tips.
Lessons from a successful clover farmer
Aidan Brennan reports from the Positive Farmers Conference, where former Irish Farmers Journal reporter Peter Young outlined his approach to managing clover.
29 June 2022 Grass & feeding
Thrive: controlling input costs with high-quality forage
The Curley family is trying to minimise the impact of higher input costs by focusing on the quality of grass and silage grown on farm. Declan Marren reports.
NI Sheep Programme: weather holds up silage plans in Fermanagh
This week, Roy and Marilyn Mayers give an update on what's happening on their Co Fermanagh farm. Kieran Mailey reports.
Thrive: weekend rainfall eases grazing pressure on demo farm
For those in the south of the country, like the Thrive demonstration farm in Cashel, Co Tipperary, last weekend's rainfall was a welcome sight and will have started to relieve the pressure for grass.
29 June 2022 Grass & feeding
Time for weed control in grassland
Following first-cut silage, farmers should be thinking about controlling weeds as swards regrow.
28 June 2022 Management
Thrive weekly roundup: grazing update and worming advice
This week's dairy beef programme roundup has a video update from the demo farm, where another dry week has seen the pressure for grass increase.
25 June 2022 Management
Five tips to reseeding grass swards
For farmers planning on reseeding grass, outlined are five tips to consider.
25 June 2022 Management
Is there a margin in finishing cattle off grass?
Where farmers are planning to finish cattle off grass, a budget should be completed beforehand to determine if there is a margin to be had.
22 June 2022 Northern Ireland
NI Sheep Programme: baling silage and drafting lambs in Co Down
Harvesting first-cut silage and drafting lambs for slaughter have been the main jobs completed on Paraic McNeill's farm over the past week. Kieran Mailey reports.
Grass+ Beef: slow growth and tricky conditions
A huge divide across the country sees half of it being too wet while the other is too dry, which is making grazing and grass growth quite difficult.
22 June 2022 Grass & feeding
Watch: grazing update from Thrive dairy beef demo farm
The Thrive demonstration farm outside Cashel, Co Tipperary, is starting to come under pressure for grazing as a lack of rainfall hits grass growth.
22 June 2022 Grass & feeding