At the end of 2022, we commented on the tremendous year for pedigree sales with a number of breed societies having record averages and record top prices at sales held all over the country.

Despite endless trials and tribulations, the 2023 season has drawn to an end, with yet another record year of top prices and averages.

From February through to December, those trying to make sales happen had to overcome obstacle after obstacle from ever-growing production costs, poor weather conditions, new importing and exporting rules, changes in €uro-Star evaluations and countless others.

Despite all this, pedigree breeders really upped their game with the quality of stock they turned out and despite all the doom and gloom, many exhibitors will leave the 2023 season behind with a smile on their faces.

With that in mind, we take a look back at some of the top prices of the 2023 sale season and commend breeders, breed societies, spectators and purchasers who made every weekend on the road an enjoyable one.

Please note: at the time of printing some sheep societies were yet to hold their Christmas sales.

Prices are all based on sales held before Friday 15 December.

Sheep breeds

Belclare: Silverbrook Justin from the flock of Paul Smyth sold for €2,400. \ A Moore Media


  • Price: €2,400.
  • Animal’s pedigree name: Silverbrook Justin.
  • Breeder name: Paul Smyth, Tullamore, Co Offaly.
  • Name of sire: Togherbeg Hector.
  • Sale location: Kilkenny Mart, Cillin Hill.
  • Date of sale: 8 August 2023.
  • Beltex

  • Price: €4,000.
  • Pedigree name: Sheephaven Hendrix.
  • Breeder name: Declan Robinson, Co Donegal.
  • Name of sire: Buckles Fizzy Pop.
  • Sale: elite sale in Tullamore Mart.
  • Date of sale: 21 July 2023.
  • Blue Texel

  • Pedigree name: Cashel View 242.
  • Price: €2,300.
  • Breeder: Martin McLaughlin.
  • Sale: Irish Blue Texel Sheep Society premier sale, Carrick-on-Shannon Mart.
  • Date: Friday 18 August.
  • Bluefaced Leicester: Mask View 4061/S001from the flock of Tom Staunton sold for €2,450.

    Bluefaced Leicester

  • Price: €2,450.
  • Pedigree name: Mask View 4061/S001.
  • Breeder: Tom Staunton.
  • Sire: 4367/R001 Drummuck.
  • Sale location: Aurivo Mart, Ballinrobe.
  • Date of sale: 16 September 2023.
  • Charollais

  • Price: €8,000.
  • Pedigree name: Ballinaslee B Eight (H4223047).
  • Breeder name: Frank and Cathal Jordan.
  • Name of sire: Foxhill Va Va Voom.
  • Sale: Irish Charollais Sheep Society premier sale, Blessington Mart, Co Wicklow.
  • Date of sale: 29 July 2023.
  • Dutch Spotted: Woodtown Gangnam Style from the flock of Dwayne Shiels sold for €6,700. \ Alfie Shaw

    Dutch Spotted

  • Price: €6,700.
  • Pedigree name: Woodtown Gangnam Style.
  • Breeder name: Dwayne Shiels.
  • Name of sire: Craigdoo Fabio ET.
  • Sale: Irish Dutch Spotted premier sale.
  • Date of sale: 5 August 2023.
  • Hampshire Down: Eldron Cyril (left) from the flock of Caoimhe Gottstein sold for €1,020.

    Hampshire Down

  • Price: €1,020.
  • Pedigree name: Eldron Cyril.
  • Owner name: Caoimhe Gottstein.
  • Breeder name: Annora Whitley.
  • Name of sire: Moybrick Jack
  • Sale: premier show and sale, Tullow Mart, Co Carlow.
  • Date of sale: 25 July 2023.
  • Suffolk: Annakisha Bright Eye from the flock of Patrick O’Keeffe sold for €20,000. \ Alfie Shaw


  • Price: 20,000gns.
  • Pedigree name: Annakisha Bright Eye.
  • Breeder name: Arthur and Patrick O’Keeffe.
  • Name of sire: Blackbrae AB President.
  • Sale: South of Ireland national premier sale, Blessington Mart, Co Wicklow.
  • Date of sale: 5 August 2023.
  • Texel: Annaghdown Goldfinger sold for the highest price of €13,000 at the Irish Texel Sheep Society sale in Blessington Mart. \ MacGregor Photography


  • Price: €13,000.
  • Pedigree name: Annaghdown Goldfinger.
  • Breeder name: Brian Divilly, Co Galway.
  • Name of sire: Castlegar Edward.
  • Sale: Irish Texel Sheep Society sale in Blessington Mart.
  • Date of sale: 12 August 2023.
  • Vendéen: Ballinascraw Ben from the flock of John Lynch sold for €2,060.


  • Price: €2,060.
  • Pedigree name: Ballinascraw Ben.
  • Breeder name: John Lynch.
  • Name of sire: Kilbride Warrior.
  • Sale: Irish Vendéen Sheep Society premier sale, Roscommon Mart.
  • Date of sale: 15 July 2023.
  • Cattle breeds

    Charolais: Lisnagre Triona ET from the herd of Jim Geoghegan sold for €18,000. \ Tricia Kennedy


  • Price: €18,000.
  • Pedigree name: Lisnagre Triona ET.
  • Breeder name: Jim Geoghegan.
  • Name of sire: Horace JD.
  • Sale: Irish Charolais Cattle Society elite heifer sale, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Roscommon.
  • Date of sale: 28 October 2023.
  • Commercial: Sugar n Spice from the herd of John Kennedy sold for €21,500. \ Tricia Kennedy


  • Price: €21,500.
  • Pedigree name: Sugar ‘n’ Spice.
  • Breeder name: John Kennedy.
  • Name of sire: Ross Alo (AZL).
  • Sale: Carrick-on-Shannon Winter Fair.
  • Date of sale: 27 November 2023.
  • Holstein Friesian: Leagh Lamborghini from the herd of Tim Fitzmaurice sold for 12,000gns (€13,261).


  • Price: 12,000gns.
  • Pedigree name: Leagh Lamborghini ET .
  • Breeder name: Tim Fitzmaurice.
  • Name of sire: Farnear Delta-Lambda.
  • Sale: Black and White Sale, Carlisle.
  • Date of sale: 27 November 2023.
  • Hereford: Drumgoonpoll 1 Sydney from the herd of Aidan McCabe sold for €11,600. \ Tricia Kennedy


  • Price: €11,600.
  • Pedigree name: Drumgoonpoll 1 Sydney.
  • Breeder name: Aidan McCabe.
  • Name of sire: Fabb 1 Northern Star.
  • Sale: Irish Hereford Breed Society premier sale, Tullamore Mart.
  • Date of sale: 25 March 2023.
  • Limousin: Carrefour Turno from the herd of Jenny Kenny sold for €16,500. \ Alfie Shaw


  • Price: €16,500.
  • Pedigree name: Carrefour Turbo.
  • Breeder name: John Kenny.
  • Name of sire: Derrygullinane Kingbull.
  • Sale: Irish Limousin Cattle Society premier sale, Roscrea Mart.
  • Date of sale: 30 October 2023.
  • Salers: Carrentubber Boston from the herd of David, Luke and Adam Kirrane sold for €3,080. \ Shanon Kinahan


  • Price: €3,080.
  • Pedigree name: Carrentubber Boston.
  • Breeder: David, Luke and Adam Kirrane, Tubbercurry, Co Sligo.
  • Sire: Montesqieu SA6253.
  • Date: 30 March 2023.
  • Venue: Gort Mart, Co Galway.
  • Simmental: Coose Nebraska P from the herd of John and Ronan Touhy sold for €16,200. \ Shanon Kinahan


  • Price: €16,200.
  • Pedigree name: Coose Nebraska P.
  • Breeder: John and Ronan Tuohy.
  • Sire: Coose Lincoln ET.
  • Sale: Irish Simmental Cattle Society premier sale, Roscommon Mart.
  • Date of sale: 25 March 2023.
  • Aberdeen Angus: Drumbeera Jay Z from Y296 the herd of Patrick and Thomas Beirne sold for €9,200. \ A Moore Media

    Aberdeen Angus

  • Price: €9,200.
  • Pedigree name: Drumbeera Jay Z Y296.
  • Breeder: Thomas and Patrick Beirne, Co Leitrim.
  • Sire: Caulry Nationwide.
  • Sale: Irish Aberdeen Angus Extravaganza in Thurles Mart.
  • Date: Saturday 7 October 2023.
  • Aubrac: Turloughmore Supreme from the herd of Kevin O’Brien sold for €4,500. \ Shanon Kinahan


  • Price: €4,500.
  • Pedigree name: Turloughmore Supreme.
  • Breeder: Kevin O’Brien.
  • Sire: Harmonieux.
  • Sale: Irish Aubrac Society premier sale, Tullamore Mart.
  • Date: 15 April 2023.
  • Irish Angus: Coneyisland Uptown Girl from the herd of Niall and Brendan Regan sold for €10,200. \Tricia Kennedy

    Irish Angus

  • Price: €10,200.
  • Pedigree name: Coneyisland Uptown Girl.
  • Breeder: Brendan and Niall Regan.
  • Sire: Harmonieux.
  • Sale: Irish Angus Elite sale, Carrick-on-Shannon Mart.
  • Date: 9 December 2023.
  • Shorthorn: Creaga Violet from the herd of Noel and Lisa Dowd sold for €4,500. \ Swarber Photography


  • Price: €4,500.
  • Pedigree name: Creaga Violet.
  • Breeder: Noel and Lisa Dowd.
  • Sire: Napoleon of Upsall.
  • Sale: Irish Shorthorn Society premier sale, Roscommon Mart.
  • Date: 25 October 2023.