Munster Bovine CEO Kevin Coffey is set to leave the company on Friday 2 April.

In an email to Munster Bovine staff on Thursday morning [1 April], Coffey confirmed the board had accepted his resignation.

Staff were also informed that chief operations officer in Dairygold Tim Healy will be extending his brief, taking responsibility for Munster Bovine until a new CEO is found.

“After consideration, the board has accepted my decision and has expressed its gratitude and appreciation for my efforts during my time,” Coffey wrote.

“Whilst this may seem quick, it is also essential to allow the business to continue with clarity of leadership at what is the busiest time of the year.

“A lot has been achieved in the five years that I have been in Munster. This is down to the efforts and hard work of everyone involved in the company, no more so than the last 12 months."