The farm: “I farm in partnership with my parents here in Killenaule. We are milking 300 Friesian x Jersey cows through our DeLaval milking parlour. At the moment we are only milking once a day.”

Productive breeding: “Calving is due to start in February and 90% of our cows will have calved in the first six weeks. We keep all our heifer calves and sell the bulls for export.”

The Jersey-cross: “They are very fertile, give good milk solids and are well suited to the setup we have. We will be sticking with the breed.”

Munster champions:”My local club is Killenaule. I have been playing with them all my life. I got involved in the Tipperary development squad when I was 15 and it went from there. Winning the Munster football championship was very special, especially when it was the centenary of Bloody Sunday.”

Celebrations: “I feel like it’s a dream and I am going to wake up. It still hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s a pity we didn’t get a chance to celebrate the win properly, but we will meet up whenever it’s safe and have a right rattle.”

No rest for the wicked:”After the win I was milking on Monday morning. I have been taking it handy enough though. Things are quiet on the farm this time of year. It was grand to get up and do something for the morning, to pass a bit of time.”

Balancing the two: “A big thing is being organised for the spring period. You can’t be running around cleaning out sheds on 29 January when you have calves on the way. The way the season fell this year kind of suited me. There was a break around March and I was fresh enough coming into the season. I was able to rest up because the farming had quietened down.”

Quotable quote: “Something I was always told is, ‘whatever you do, try do it as best as you can’. If you want to progress up along the ranks in GAA, be as good as you can be for your club. Whatever you are doing, whether it is school or work, you will get your reward if you are working hard.”