Slamtastic: Ireland set to take on the world
Denis Hurley
While Saturday’s grand slam should rightly be celebrated, Andy Farrell, Johnny Sexton and co are already taking aim at the World Cup.
17 March 2023
Kilkenny Cats pounce on chance to spread GAA skills on new ground
This St Patrick’s Day, there is a team from Kilkenny who have a goal of sharing their GAA skills with youngsters who discovered the sport on social media. Caitríona Bolger writes.
15 March 2023 News
Fertiliser for €20 and this is not a drill!
I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be talking about fertiliser that's good value but here we are.
Denny Fitz: Worshipping at the altar of sport
Fr Barney has never been shy about seeking divine intervention; on the pitch or off, writes Denny Fitz.
8 March 2023 Features
You can't use the past to predict the present
It's in our nature to look at past results to try predict ones in the future, but Denis Hurley reminds us that just because something happened after something else doesn't mean it was caused by it.
1 March 2023 Sport
Club news: latest from Monaghan and Tullyallen
The year has got off to a busy start for the Monaghan and Tullyallen Macra clubs.
15 February 2023 Community
Backchat: ‘Learn Our Anthem’ campaign launch
The ‘Learn Our Anthem' campaign marks the centenary of the official Irish publication of our national anthem, writes Naomi Hamilton-O’Donnell.
15 February 2023 Features
Denny Fitz: Dealing with a manager with a gift for uselessness
Having been roped in as a selector for the club’s minor team, Denny Fitz fears he has a long year ahead of him as he encounters an old nemesis.
15 February 2023 Features
The joys of the job
Journalist Páraic McMahon's recent discovery that you can't please all of the people all of the time has got Denis Hurley thinking about the times he's fallen foul of people he's written about
15 February 2023 Sport
Perfect start for Farrell’s green giants
The Irish team couldn’t have asked for a better start to the Six Nations. Now bring on the French.
8 February 2023 Sport
Another fine mess for Watty Grahams
Appeals have become a bad habit of modern GAA, so the decision by Watty Grahams GAC not to appeal after Kilmacud Crokes fielded 16 men is a welcome change writes Denis Hurley
25 January 2023 Sport
Denny Fitz: simmering resentments and ruptures at club AGM
A GAA club’s AGM will always bring divisions to the fore, writes Denny Fitz
11 January 2023 Features