Today I have two great pasta dishes. Lasagne is a family favourite in a lot of families and certainly in ours. Start off with some nice lean Quality Assured mince. I sometimes use pork or turkey mince for a change. I love this meal full of vegetables. You can assemble the day before and keep in the fridge. And make an extra batch of the meat sauce that you can freeze. I particularly like San Marzano chopped tomatoes, and I love Drinagh cheddar cheese from Co Cork for the cheese sauce.

Pasta carbonara is quick to prepare and very tasty. The traditional Italian recipe doesn’t use cream but there are lots of variations and I like it as a bit of a luxury. Be careful not to overcook the eggs when you add to the hot pasta. Make sure to take it off the heat first. This carbonara can be made with pastas other than spaghetti. You might try penne, linguini or tagliatelle. It is always nice to have your own herbs growing to garnish. Thyme, rosemary, parsley and basil grow well in the kitchen and just keep them watered. You could try growing bay leaf if you have a little more space.