These tenderloin pork fillets are a very lean cut so do remember that they cook fast. Pork and prunes might strike you as an unusual combination but, believe me, they are a great pair for a dinner party. The sweetness and stickiness of the prunes works really well with the salty flavour of the pork. I particularly like Agen prunes from the Lot et Garonne in France. They are big jumbo prunes and ideal for this meal. Instead of prunes, you could also try dried cranberries as they have that nice tartness.

The pear and amaretti cheesecake is baked so there is a little more work but it is well worth it. I first tasted this flavour combination at a cafe in France and came home determined to recreate it. This is the result and I think you will like it. It also works well with peaches or nectarines. It is best served at room temperature.