Last backend, Syngenta launched a new fungicide active under the trade name Solatenol. This is the trade name for the company’s new SDHI active and by all accounts it appears to be quite an active substance for use on cereals and some other crops against a range of diseases. We understand that registration in Ireland is imminent in a mixture with prothioconazole to be called Elatus Era. Registration has already been secured in France and the UK.

Being an SDHI active, it is certainly not to be used on its own in any crop and it is no surprise that the first product containing Solatenol will come to the market in Ireland as the co-formulation. This mixture, called Elatus Era, is mixed with prothioconazole (Proline), and is expected to receive registration from the Pesticide Registration and Controls Divisions of the Department shortly and should be on sale here in 2017.