Tranche three of the TAMS III scheme, which first opened on 22 January 2024, is set to close on Friday 12 April.

Tranche two of the scheme had initially been set to close in December of last year, but was extended by instruction of Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue to ease the burden on planners and advisers amid increased pressure with scheme deadlines.

Tranche four of the scheme is set to open on 15 April following the rolling nature of the opening and closing of tranches, with no known closing date as of yet.

The expected timeline would see the tranche close in early- to mid-July.

Tranche one approvals

As of 8 April, tranche one approvals stood at 6,593 of the 8,203 applications submitted (80%). Some 862 applications (10.5%) are currently still being processed, with 544 rejections (6.6%) and 204 withdrawals (2.5%).

Applicants have been encouraged by the Department to reply to any query letters in a timely manner to avoid further delays or the possible withdrawal of their application.