TAMS II reference costs increase by 5% to 15%
Darren Carty
Farm organisations are calling for the Department to update reference costs on a continual basis with calls also to use revised reference costs for tranche 25.
27 April 2022 Infrastructure
Greater scrutiny being placed on farm investments
With higher spending being apportioned to rising input costs such as fertiliser and feed, farmers are putting more consideration into investment in farm infrastructure.
20 April 2022 News
Farm building costs spiral
Raw steel has jumped from €1,000/t to €2,000/t in the last three years, with cladding and timber prices also up post-pandemic.
Editorial: rising costs affecting farm building investments
It is no surprise given the rise in the price of steel and concrete that the investment in farm buildings is showing real signs of cooling off.
20 April 2022 Editorial
2019 v 2022: what does the same shed cost to build three years on?
With a rapid rise in farm building material prices in the past two years, and at a greater rate since January, what effect is this having on farmer's pocket?
20 April 2022 Buildings
Solar PV – the lay of the land
Stephen Robb details what you need to know if you are considering solar PV for your farm.
20 April 2022 Renewables
Drennan takes aim at pig and poultry TAMS
Denis Drennan has said it was “interesting” to see that the investment ceilings in TAMS for pig and poultry farmers are to be increased, yet there was no such increase for dairy and beef farmers.
13 April 2022 Dealer
TAMS reference costs upped 5-15% from Tranche 26
The increase represents a further rise on the revised costs effective from last summer.
12 April 2022 News
€128m worth of TAMS cash yet to be drawn down by farmers
Recent figures released by the Department show that significant funds approved for spending have yet to be utilised by farmers approved for investments.
11 April 2022 News
High-spec sheep shed for expanded 200-ewe flock
A new slatted sheep shed in Co Mayo aims to address labour and accommodation issues.
6 April 2022 Buildings
Farmers should be paid to provide renewable energy to grid - TD
David Stanton TD has said that farmers should be able to feed excess energy to the national grid under TAMS.
4 April 2022 News
TAMS costings not reflective of inflation
The current costings are out of line with the price of materials today.
30 March 2022 Community