No TAMS for 1hp tack
The Dealer
Kerry TD Michael Healy Ray quizzed Minister McConalogue on why there is an “absence of grant aid for farmers with the traditional working horse” in TAMS III in last week's parliamentary questions.
31 May 2023 News
TAMS for young farmers opens for applications
A person who is under 41 years of age can qualify for the young farmer grant in TAMS III.
24 May 2023 Feed
Ticking the box for TAMS-spec meal bins
Martin Merrick outlines some of the specifications required in order to secure TAMS funding for meal bins.
What is the best value for money for slurry storage?
With a range of options available and rising costs of construction, Martin Merrick looks at where value for money lies with slurry storage.
24 May 2023 Infrastructure
Safety around slurry stores: the grants available and how to qualify
Not all investments require planning permission, while several areas surrounding slurry storage qualify for a 60% grant rate for all farmers.
24 May 2023 Slurry
Ever increasing pressure on slurry storage: a necessary evil
Slurry storage is something we have to get realistic about for a number of reasons.
24 May 2023 Slurry
Tillage TAMS now open for applications
The Tillage Capital Investment Scheme is now open for applications. Applicants will be eager to submit their paperwork, as the scheme is one of the last to open.
23 May 2023 News
Focus must remain on production efficiencies
While fertiliser and concentrate costs are slowly reducing, a focus should remain on keeping input costs in check and exploiting other production efficiencies than can help underpin performance.
17 May 2023 Sheep handling
Anticipation building for TAMS III farm safety scheme
Grant aid at a rate of 60% is available for sheep handling equipment but the safety scheme is one of four entry routes that remain unopen.
17 May 2023 Sheep handling
NCT’ing silage pits for the upcoming season
First-cut silage has begun on some farms, but for others there’s still time to ensure silage pits are fit for purpose.
17 May 2023 Buildings
Slurry bags will not be VAT exempt despite TD’s call
Calls for the slurry storage bags to be VAT exempt for unregistered farmers have not been successful as ''VAT treatment of goods and services is subject to European Union law''.
16 May 2023 News
Mastek introduces new trailing shoe applicator
Mastek has unveiled a new FlexiShoe trailing shoe applicator, which it says is to address the concerns of farmers who have been struggling with the limitations of traditional trailing shoe designs.
10 May 2023 News