Mexico - zero-tariff beef imports open from Brazil

Mexico announced this week that it has approved beef imports from 34 Brazilian beef factories, with zero tariffs applied, in an attempt to tackle inflation.

China - positive outlook despite pig price slip

Despite live pig prices slipping slightly this week to the equivalent of €2.15/kg, Bord Bia reports that pig supply tightened at the end of last month and consumer demand is slowly increasing, so there is a more positive outlook.

USA - agri labeling rules tightened

The United States Department of Agriculture announced this week that it is tightening the rules on meat, poultry and egg products labeled as ‘Made in the USA’ so it can only be used where the product is derived from animals born, raised, slaughtered and processed in the US.

Ukraine - Black Sea initiative talks

Reuters reports that Ukraine has started talks with its partners to extend the Black Sea grain initiative, which allows Ukraine to ship grain. The current deal is due to expire on 18 March.