US exports €1bn of beef in June
Phelim O'Neill
High level of US beef exports continued in June, with a record for half-year, but pigmeat exports fall back as demand from China halves.
10 August 2022 Markets
Dairy Trends: China imports crashing but futures market prices rising
Wit record farmgate milk prices, Jack Kennedy looks at Chinese demand and the Futures Market for future signals.
10 August 2022 World
Market Digest: stories from around the world
News snippets from New Zealand, USA, China and world food price index.
Dairy Trends: GDT result falls for fourth time in a row
The New Zealand auction is respected globally as a good indicator of where whole milk powder prices are going.
3 August 2022 Markets
GM crop production expanding amid food security concerns
It seems that many different countries around the world are now opting to embrace GM crop production in the face of food security concerns
1 August 2022 News
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Brief reports from USA, Argentina, Netherlands and China.
27 July 2022 World
In the new world disorder, trade risks are higher
As the world order changes and globalisation appears to be morphing, should Irish Agri Food be concerned asks Anne Finnegan, policy analyst
19 July 2022 News
Slump in China’s pork imports
USDA revises its forecast for China's pigmeat imports in 2022.
13 July 2022 News
Food production crashes in 2022
The EU has just published a report suggesting food production will be back in 2022 despite record prices for milk, beef, cereals and lamb.
13 July 2022 Global trade
Future of Europe: quotes from the day
Take a look at some of the key quotes of the day from the Irish Farmers Journal's Future of Europe conference.
29 June 2022 News
CAP budget needs a strong defence
The "Future of Europe" event highlighted the competition CAP faces for the funding needed to guarantee food security for Europe.
29 June 2022 Dealer
Dairy Trends: riding the high peak of commodity prices
Slowdown in demand from China continued in May, as US production is also down.
29 June 2022 Markets