Market Digest: stories from around the world
Phelim O'Neill
Brief news snippets from New Zealand, UK, Netherlands and China.
29 November 2023 Markets
Positive outlook for world beef markets in 2024
Adam Woods reports from the Teagasc beef conference that took place last week.
22 November 2023 News
China remains 'keen' on Irish beef - Bord Bia
Chinese buyers have have an 'overwhelmingly positive perception' of Ireland’s food quality controls, say Bord Bia.
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Brief news snippets from Australia, Indonesia, Brazil and United States.
22 November 2023 News
News Podcast: delay to derogation cut and BSE case
Delay to the derogation cut, BSE, fodder shortages and IFA elections are all discussed during this week's episode.
10 November 2023 News
Ball in China’s court to reopen for Irish beef
Dale Crammond, director of Meat Industry Ireland, said his focus now is on 'ensuring that this suspension is shortlived'.
8 November 2023 News
What would Ireland need to do to become a strategic partner for China?
The BRICS countries are a political block, and Brazil and China have many common interests.
8 November 2023 Viewpoints
Suspension of beef exports to China 'a real blow'
Exports to China were reopened earlier this year following a three-year suspension.
8 November 2023 News
Reopening of Chinese market not within Ireland’s gift - Minister
Irish beef exports to China have been suspended following a case of atypical BSE.
8 November 2023 News
Ban on beef exports to China disappointing - Heydon
Timing around the reopening of the market is a matter for the Chinese authorities, Minister Heydon said.
8 November 2023 News
China suspends Irish beef exports after atypical BSE case
The move is a blow to the beef trade, as Ireland had only regained access to the market earlier this year. Amy Forde and Adam Woods report.
7 November 2023 News
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Brief updates from Argentina, Australia, USA and Saudi Arabia.
1 November 2023 World