Ukraine to bring its farmers in line with EU Green Deal
Noel Bardon
The country will work towards making the sector compliant with EU environmental objectives as it plans the rebuild of its economy.
29 September 2022 News
War costs Ukraine's farm sector €34bn over seven months
Ukrainian farmers are also receiving less for their grain, given the higher costs and heightened risks associated with getting grain out of the country this year.
28 September 2022 News
Origin Enterprises' profits not lost
Origin Enterprises published its financial results on one of the busiest media days of the year but despite Budget 2023, farmers might still take notice.
Origin Enterprises reports revenue growth to €2.3bn
Origin Enterprises has reported a strong financial performance over the last year, despite what it described as “exceptional price volatility” for feed and fertiliser raw materials.
27 September 2022 News
Climate action required ‘urgently’ to address impact of Ukraine war – McGuinness
European Commissioner Mairead McGuinness says there are opportunities for member states to address the concerns of agriculture when it comes to the impact of the war in Ukraine.
23 September 2022 News
Farmers to be excluded from €200m energy aid package
Companies which are involved in the processing and marketing of agricultural products will be able to avail of funding under the condition that it is not passed on to farmers.
19 September 2022 News
Farming and food excluded from state of the union
Farming and food are overlooked in EU state of the union address, as war and energy take centre stage.
18 September 2022 News
Northeastern Holstein Friesian breeders raise €18,000 for Ukraine
Holstein Friesian breeders in the northeast came together to raise huge funds for Ukraine.
16 September 2022 Pedigree
Farming makes its case for budget funds
The Government has cash in hand going into the last round of budget negotiations, but the demands within the economy are extraordinary.
14 September 2022 Dealer
Over €28bn worth of damage caused to Ukraine’s agriculture sector
Losses include the destruction of machinery, livestock, crops and higher farm production costs.
11 September 2022 News
Weekly podcast: €72/kg beef, fertiliser and Ukraine
Wagyu weanlings in Japan, pricey Irish beef, fertiliser and an update on Ukraine all feature on this week's episode.
9 September 2022 Podcast
Europe prepared for winter - EU energy ministers
Despite no formal agreement on proposals to alleviate the bloc's deepening energy crisis, Europe is prepared for this winter, according to EU energy ministers.
9 September 2022 News