Russia forcing Ukrainian farmers to pay taxes to Kremlin
Barry Murphy
Ukrainian farmers in Russian occupied areas are facing closure if they do not abide by Russia’s demands.
4 February 2023 News
Plans afoot to de-mine Ukrainian farms
United Nations officials met with representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry for Agrarian Policy and Food to plan for the de-mining of farm land.
25 January 2023 News
Increasing food production ‘urgent’ - President Higgins
President Michael D Higgins warned of food insecurity at the International Conference on Agriculture in Senegal on Wednesday.
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Updates from Algeria, Mexico, Ukraine/Black Sea and UK.
18 January 2023 World
Delvin IFA generates Ukraine support
Delvin IFA members dug deep to purchase generators for Ukraine last month, while Wexford IFA's live crib returned post-COVID.
18 January 2023 Dealer
Dempsey at Large: Russia moves from wheat deficit to wheat powerhouse
Russian agriculture - What Russia does in the wheat trade is of crucial significance.
18 January 2023 Viewpoints
Farmers donate jeep convoy to Ukraine
Farmers across four counties have pooled together to donate and drive a convoy of jeeps and an ambulance to impacted families in war-torn Ukraine.
12 January 2023 News
War in Ukraine and the price of food
While this is a war of aggression by Russia, the aggression was driven, at least in part, by fear - John Bruton.
11 January 2023 Viewpoints
Natural gas starts 2023 at pre-Ukraine invasion levels
Plunge in the cost of the oil fueling hopes of more fertiliser price cuts.
4 January 2023 News
Ukrainian farmer: 'Starting life in a new place, but hoping to return home'
In a new series, Ukrainian agri-journalist Ihor Pavliuk shares stories of farmers on the front-line of the war, starting with Yuliya Peretyatko, who had to flee her farm while pregnant.
4 January 2023 Features
50 years in the EU: divergence between Irish, EU and global agriculture
Andy Doyle considers how the EU policy move to environment first and agriculture second will play out for the growing global population.
4 January 2023 News
What’s driving global food price inflation?
Weather, energy prices and war may keep global food prices high into 2023, despite interest rate increases, writes Anne Finnegan.
27 December 2022 News