I have a budding scientist in my house. I'm forever finding 'experiments' as I attempt housework - a snail snoozing on a bed of grass in a doll house, cornflour and water mixed in 'magic mud' in the bathroom sink.

And let's not go down the road of the bits of long-forgotten food that have been left (or worse hidden) on the bookshelf. That's the kind of science experiment I really dislike coming across.

Luckily for my little scientist, and for any other young scientists around the country, Teagasc has developed and launched a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities and fun games to help keep engaging minds busy if you've run out of homeschooling lessons for the week.

Online content

The online content shows how to make water rainbows, explains extracting DNA from a strawberry or make instant ice, among other interesting activities.

Teagasc's science communications and outreach officer Catriona Boyle says they have developed games, activities and a YouTube playlist for families to enjoy from home while quarantine measures continue.

"We have been developing them over recent weeks and plan to add more experiments over time," she says.

"Our aim is to deliver content that is both entertaining and educational."

See the Teagasc website for more details at www.teagasc.ie/STEM4kids or www.teagasc.ie/fun4kids. Keep an eye on Teagasc’s social media for newly updated content.