Children’s authors Adiba Jaigirdar and Katie O’Donoghue on a life in books
In conversation with Claire Murrihy, authors Adiba Jaigirdar and Katie O'Donoghue discuss Christmas gifting, the art of children's literature, and classic stories.
8 November 2023 Travel
Travel: your carriages await...
Travelling by rail is one of the nicest ways to experience Europe. It showcases gorgeous scenery, historic routes and adventures at a slower pace – it’s a great way for all the family to see the world
25 October 2023 Recipes
Frightening fun treats for the family
With no set rules of expectations, Halloween is one of the more fun food holidays of the year to get all the family involved, writes Nessa Robins.
Supporting your student: putting together the assessment puzzle
In week two of our series, Supporting Your Student, speech and language therapist Rita Treacy explains which assessments might be needed and how to find the right support.
6 September 2023 Features
Katherine's Country: Sometimes normal English just doesn’t cut it
Katherine O’Leary’s grandson, Ricky, has a particular understanding of farming words that are reserved for the farmyard and fields
9 August 2023 Katherine O'Leary
Life is too short to eat sad, tasteless food - I want my kids to know that
Diet culture is everywhere we look, and our kids are bombarded with it on social media. Accepting and loving our bodies as they are and celebrating what they can do for us it the key, writes Janine Kennedy
9 August 2023 Features
Editorial: what do you do when your kids hate your cooking?
As a chef, I thought my kids would be lining up for seconds of my home-cooked meals. Instead, I am increasingly relying on my sandwich-making skills writes Janine Kennedy.
2 August 2023 Features
'Adults started asking could I print pieces in their size; it just took off'
Nadia Cruikshanks of Fauna talks about designing for babies to adults, competing with the high-street; and her style icons.
19 July 2023 Fashion
As a parent, farm safety is always on my mind
Farm accidents largely happen under unique circumstances - having protocol in place and good communications are key to minimising the risk of them occurring. Janine Kennedy writes
19 July 2023 Features