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Green washing and head bashing in the Oireachtas

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Gardaí warn tractor drivers to steer clear of TikTok

Gardaí in Bruff, Co Limerick, and the Farm Contractors of Ireland are warning young tractor drivers in particular not to use TikTok or other forms of social media while driving tractors this summer.

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Irish Limousin premier

Shane Murphy catches up with newly appointed Irish Limousin CEO Ronan Murphy following the society premier sale on Monday.

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Classification of land

As part of a study, a new map has classified farmland across the country. Amy Forde spoke to James Moran, one of the authors of the study, on what this map shows and means.

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What will new vet medicine regulations mean?

Hannah Quinn-Mulligan and Niall Hurson discuss what incoming changes to veterinary regulations will mean for farmers on the ground.

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Nessa Robins, Irish Country Living columnist

Nessa Robins, Irish Country Living's Home Nurse columnist, discusses why she decided to leave nursing to pursue a career in food and how in the end, she married the two. The full interview is available on the Irish Country Living Podcast.

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Animal medicine changes

Adam Woods caught up with Ollie Ryan from Midland Vet in Tullamore, Co Offaly, to have a chat about the proposed medicine changes and how they will affect merchants and farmers.

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