Pöttinger has announced details of the latest addition to its grassland range, the Mergento VT 9220 trailed merger.

It is designed for the light handling of crops such as alfalfa and clover, as well as grass and straw.

The Mergento offers a working width of up to 9.2m when central-swathing and 8.7m when swathing to the left or right.

The direction of rotation and the position of the two cross conveyor belts can be adjusted from the tractor cab.

Conveyor unit

At the business end of the Mergento is its conveyor unit, which consists of the pickup, crop press roller and cross conveyor belt.

Inside the pickup itself is a cam track and six tine rows fitted with cam bearings. The idea behind opting for the traditional cam design is so that the tines are retracted just before the belt.

The Pöttinger Mergento VT 9220 trailed belt type merger.

The transfer point is 120mm higher than the cross conveyor, allowing the forage to fall freely on to the conveyor belt.

The chassis rollers are positioned close to the contact point of the pickup tines for the best adaption to uneven terrain.

Boom design

Pöttinger claims that its boom design with three hydraulic cylinders react within a split second to any bumps or unevenness in the surface.

In centre-swath mode, the vertical freedom of movement is +475mm to -195mm, while lateral float is +30° to -13°.

The inclination in the direction of travel can move from +11.5° to -0°.

At the headland, the Mergento switches off the cross conveyor belts automatically, while starting automatically at the beginning of each pass.

The Mergento VT 9220 is said to be available from 1 August 2022.