UK-based auctioneer Brown & Co is offering a profitable Danish-owned dairy business in Poland for sale.

Covering 478ha (1,181 acres), of which 418ha is owned, the fields on Olsen Farms are located along two roads next to the farmyard. Initially, the farm was leased from the Polish state before being purchased in 2014 and 2015. The balance of the land, 60ha, is leased from the state treasury for another eight years and is just across the road from the sheds.

The calf accommodation consists of a 300m2 calf shed and 20 individual calf hutches.

Established in 1997 by a Danish entrepreneur with the goal of creating a profitable dairy business, heifers were imported from Denmark and presently the herd consists of 400 high-genetic-merit Holstein Friesian cows. Currently in Danish ownership and under Danish management for the past two years, the farm is being sold in its entirety as shares in a foreign company. Guided at €6.82m, the sale includes all company assets such as land, buildings, livestock and machinery.

The main crops are corn, grass, lucerne and currently barley.

Located in the Warmian-Masurian large lake district of Poland, the farm is close to the village of Rydzówka and is 7km from Paslek. Milk from the farm is processed into cheese and other dairy ingredients at the ICC Paslek milk processing plant.

The modern yard has accommodation for over 900 head of cattle which includes 400 dairy cows.

Rydzówka is approximately 100km from the international airport in Gdansk via the national S7 road which runs nearby.

The herd

The original herd consisted of Holstein Friesian cattle imported from Denmark. Currently, the herd consists of over 400 cows in milk and overall stock numbers vary from 900 to 950 throughout the year.

The average annual production is over 11,000kg/cow, placing the herd among the top milk producers in the country according to the Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Milk Producers.

The farm employs 13 people permanently and has three workers on fixed-term contracts. Their roles vary from dealing with stock, machinery and administration. The indoor herd is fed on crops grown on the surrounding land.

Brown & Co have a 400-cow dairy business in Poland on the market.

Corn, grass, lucerne and barley are the main crops grown. Most of what is harvested is used to feed the herd although some grain is sold as a cash crop.

Six large barns with deep straw bedding are used to house the stock, three of which are for the milking herd, one for heifers and the others for dry cows and calves. There are also 20 outside calf kennels. Recent investments include the installation of ventilators in barns, roof repairs, and modernisation of the milking parlour. There is an 88kW generator in the event of power cuts.