Kellys of Borris takes on Danish stone collector brand
Gary Abbott
Kellys of Borris, Co Carlow, has been appointed Irish agent for the Danish-built Stoneless ATV towed stone collector brand.
31 January 2024 News
ESB to recycle old wind turbine blades for new e-mobility hub
The semi-State body has partnered with Cork-based start-up BladeBridge to repurpose decommissioned wind turbine blades, a key problem facing wind farm developers.
3 January 2024 Breeding & health
How does the Danish breeding system work?
Aidan Brennan reports on how Viking Genetics, the main breeding company in Denmark selects bulls when so much of the national herd is bred with sexed semen
UK could do more for food exports, MPs told
A committee of MPs has been told that much more could be done to remove trade barriers for UK agri food exporters.
22 November 2023 Northern Ireland
44% of milk sold in Denmark is organic
Adviser Paul Holmeck talks about building a national organic brand and the breakthroughs Denmark has made in the world of organics.
7 November 2023 News
'Extraordinary modernisation' on Irish farms since joining EU - McGuinness
The Common Agricultural Policy was the catalyst for modernising Irish farms, Commissioner Máiréad McGuinness told the Teagasc EU 50 conference
27 October 2023 News
Denmark – the biomethane pioneers
Denmark has become a world leader in biomethane production. Stephen Robb recently paid a visit to a Danish anaerobic digestion plant to gain an insight into how the system works in practice.
18 October 2023 News