Rugby international Rob Kearney is tackling misconceptions about dairy by taking part in the “Everything starts with milk” campaign run by the National Dairy Council (NDC).

“Growing up on our family farm, milk and dairy was always an important part of our diet. I have worked with the National Dairy Council for a number of years and am a great supporter of milk and dairy as part of a healthy, balanced diet,” Kearney said.

Eating well is essential

Despite the growth in popularity of dairy alternative drinks, the NDC has conducted research which shows that milk is the perfect post-performance drink after sport and provides a natural source of carbohydrates.

It also includes vitamins B12 and B2 which are needed by the body.

Kearney pointed out that milk and dairy played an important part in his nutrition programme for rugby.

“Eating well is essential and adapting your nutritional intake to your sport is a necessity. In-season or out of season, as well as pre-, during and post-performance, all influence our nutritional considerations.”