Scottish abattoirs are paying £5.40/kg to £5.50/kg for R grade lambs, which shows little movement in the last seven days.

The live trade £2.50/kg for medium-weight lambs and heavy lambs averaged £2.48/kg.

Across Scotland, number of lambs are rising, with 10,274 lambs sold the week ending 10 July.

This week, Ayr Mart was selling prime lambs at £2.52/kg, Lanark averaged £2.56/kg and St Boswells £2.48/kg.

United Auctions last Thursday sold 1,993 lambs for an average of £2.46/kg and Thainstone sold 273 for £2.47/kg.

The official Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) price for across GB for the week ending 10 July was £5.45/kg for an R3L carcase lamb. There were 43,549 killed over the week.

The ewe price in Scotland is £90/head, which is down £4 on the week for 9,045 sold.

Cattle price stable

The beef trade is stable at around £4.05/kg for R grade steers for another week.

The AHDB Scottish beef price for an R4L steer is priced at £4.17/kg, which is up 4p.

Same-grade heifers were £4.16/kg, which is up 1p on the week.

The young bull price is £4.06/kg deadweight, which is up 2p/kg.


AHDB’s official price for Scotland is £3.08/kg for an 0-4, which is up 2p/kg on the week.

Just under 600 cull cows were sold in marts, with beef cows averaging £1.57/kg and dairy cows were £1.19/kg.

Lanark Mart held its fortnightly sale on 13 July. Steers averaged £2.20/kg, with heifers at £2.19/kg and dairy bullock £1.85/kg.

The top price was £1,295 for a 576kg Limousin steer. The highest price per kilo was a 414kg Limousin heifer which went for £2.66/kg.

Monday saw a sale of 650 store cattle at Quoybrae in Caithness.

The 245 steers sold averaged £2.46/kg, which is up 17p/kg compared with the same sale last year. The 242 heifers averaged £2.41/kg, which is up 18p/kg on the year.

The cattle at the sale this year were 467kg heavier than last, with a rise in price per head by £160.

Thainstone sold 70 breeding cattle, as heifers with a bull calf made £1,680, while with a heifer calf it was £130 less.

Cows with a bull calf made £1,420 and with a heifer calf £140 less. In-calf heifers averaged £1,398 and in-calf cows £1,420.

United Auctions sold 672 store cattle, with steers averaging £2.36/kg and heifers averaging £2.26/kg . They also sold 82 dairy steers for an averaged £1.91/kg.

A smaller entry of 54 cull cows sold to an average price of 153.8p/kg, with a top price per kilo of 209.1p/kg paid for a Simmental-cross animal and a top per-head price of £1,530 for a Limousin-cross animal.