Steak meat the bright spot in UK retail trade
Phelim O'Neill
UK consumers continue to spend more on beef, but buy less volume and preference for high-value lamb cuts also increases at the expense of cheaper cuts.
18 November 2023 News
UK sheepmeat imports from Australia increase by 270t in September
The rise in imports was balanced by imports in from New Zealand falling by 330t when compared with September 2022 and running 410t lower than in August 2023.
8 November 2023 Northern Ireland
News round-up from Northern Ireland
Weekly round-up of news from the farming industry in Northern Ireland.
Sheep EBVs are the future: but when?
Derek Robinson questions why there are very few performance-recorded rams on offer at local sales.
6 September 2023 Northern Ireland
Harvest progressing well across the water but quality down
The harvest is progressing well in Britain according to the AHDB, but quality is down in milling wheat and spring barley crops.
5 September 2023 News
Brexit enables British branding but still no border controls
UK has delayed taking back border controls for a fifth time to the annoyance of British exporters.
1 September 2023 News
EU beef production in decline
Five years of sustained decline in EU beef production is likely to become six in 2023, according to the latest EU outlook.
20 August 2023 News
Upturn for steak shows sales increase in UK
Steak meat sales show a small increase in the quarter to 9 July, but, overall, the picture for beef and lamb sales is one of decline.
28 July 2023 News
Six-cut silage and cereals on monitor farm
Kieran Mailey reports from a farm walk held on the AHDB monitor farm outside Limavady.
28 June 2023 Northern Ireland
Pressure likely on Chinese sheepmeat imports for summer months
The AHDB reports high inventories of sheepmeat in China and states that this could see pressure on price maintained and static demand over the summer months.
24 June 2023 News