Dowra Mart in Co Cavan recorded another high entry of 2,300 sheep in its weekly sheep sale last Saturday.

Numbers are strong for the time of year and are being boosted by more producers showing sheep live to avail of keen competition between factory agents and ewe hoggets appearing in greater numbers in recent weeks.

Farmers feeding such ewe hoggets are being rewarded for their decision, with fleshed hoggets weighing from 50kg to 55kg selling in the main from €205 to €220, with a selection of heavier and excellent-quality lots rising to €230/head.

Lighter fleshed lots weighing 48kg to 49kg are trading from €195 to €210 depending on condition and quality with hill types back to €185/head.

Manager Terry McGovern reports ongoing firm demand for store hoggets.

Better-quality types weighing 40kg to 42kg are selling from the low-€150s to the high-€160s, with lighter lots weighing 34kg to 37kg selling anywhere from the low-€120s for hill types to the mid-€140s.

Cull ewes are steady, with fleshed ewes selling from €1.90/kg to €2.10/kg on average for lowland and crossbred types, with hill-crosses from €1.50/kg to €1.80/kg. Terry comments marts remain an excellent outlet for ewes.

In pictures

This pen of 31 Scottish Blackface ram hoggets weighing 44kg sold for €175 each (€3.98/kg).

Weighing 56kg, this batch of 28 mixed breed hogget rams sold for €220 (€3.93/kg).

Weighing 48kg on average this batch of 23 mainly Suffolk-cross ewe hoggets sold for €213 each (€4.44/kg).

This batch of 13 Mule and crossbred ewe hoggets weighing 48.5kg sold for €210 (€4.33/kg).

This batch of 21 ewe hoggets weighing 38kg sold for €136 each (€3.58/kg).

These 10 nice-quality Suffolk-cross ewe hoggets weighing 53kg sold for €216 (€4.08/kg).

These Cheviot and Cheviot-cross ewe hoggets weighing 63kg sold for €227 (€3.60/kg).

This mixed batch of seven lambs weighing 44.5kg sold for €193.50 each (€4.35/kg).

This pen of mixed breed lowland-cross ewe hoggets weighing 40kg sold for €142.50 (€3.56/kg).

These lighter mixed-quality crossbred ewe hoggets weighing 37kg sold for €120 each (€3.24/kg).

This batch of 34 crossbred hogget rams weighing 56kg sold for €217 each (€3.88/kg).