Sheep price update: trade heats up as hoggets top €180/head
Darren Carty
Marts held on Monday recorded a vibrant trade, while the factory trade has also increased, with base quotes up 10c/kg to 20c/kg.
14 February 2024 Markets
Sheep mart comment: prices edge upwards as competition intensifies
The gap between mart and factory prices had narrowed following an increase in factory quotes, but reports indicate prices are edging upwards again as agents lock horns for sheep.
12 February 2024 Markets
Sheep price update: base lamb quotes breach the €7/kg mark
Kildare Chilling is the first plant to quote a base of €7/kg following its 20c/kg increase in quotes for Tuesday’s kill.
Camera at the Mart: sheep up €2 to €5/head in Blessington
Tuesday’s sale recorded a sharper trade across all classes, including slaughter-fit lambs and ewes and store lambs.
7 February 2024 Markets
Sheep mart prices: tight supplies adding more life to sales
Mart managers report that in cases the mart trade has moved ahead of the factory trade and that this is helping to attract higher numbers to the ring.
24 January 2024 Markets
Sheep mart comment: welcome boost for all categories of sheep
Factory agents displayed more bite for fleshed lambs and cull ewes, while farmers and specialist finishers were much more active for store lambs.
17 January 2024 Markets
Camera at the Mart: 550 in-lamb ewes average €180/head in lively Tullow sale
Over 50% of the younger and larger-framed ewes sold from €180 to €220, with a top price of €272 paid for a small batch of four quality ewes.
17 January 2024 Markets
Sheep mart prices: sales resume with plenty of life in trade
Prices have increased anywhere from €4 to €10/head on sales held before the Christmas break, with agents keen to use sales to bolster numbers.
10 January 2024 Markets
Vibrant live trade giving more options
A lively mart trade is giving producers selling slaughter-fit sheep more options with prices rising by €4 to €10 per head from before the Christmas break.
10 January 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: consider all options when marketing lambs
Reports from mart sales on Monday are vibrant, with prices rising by €4 to €10 per head on pre-Christmas levels and providing more options for farmers.
8 January 2024 Markets
Camera at the Mart: in-lamb ewes sell to €198 in Tuam Mart
The 50 second- and third-crop ewes lambing from 20 January were carrying 1.8 to two lambs and averaged just over €180/head.
3 January 2024 Markets
Sheep mart comment: sales start new year on brighter footing
The number of sales held this week have been smaller and entries lower and this is helping to insert more competition into the trade for lambs.
3 January 2024 Markets