Despite the cancellation of dozens of farming events in 2021, one show is still planning to plough on.

Scotland’s Royal Highland Show board is sticking to its decision to hold the 180th show in June, despite concerns about the logistics.

The Northumberland, Royal Welsh and Black Isle shows have all been cancelled, as well as LAMMA in Birmingham being postponed until 2022.

Scotland’s biggest show has already sold thousands of tickets, which it claims are fully refundable through its website.

The Dealer understands that trade stands should be receiving their contracts in the post in the coming weeks. Cancelling the show would cost the Royal Highland Society millions of pounds and lead to difficult decisions about its overheads, which include a staff cost of over £1.8m.

The chief executive, who was on salary of £145,000, and two other senior managers on over six figures have already taken a significant pay cut.

But without a 2021 show, the cuts may need to be even deeper.

The closer to summer we get, the more embarrassing and expensive it will be to call off Scotland’s flagship farming event.

But if enough people get vaccinated and large gatherings are permitted, one thing for certain is, they will be guaranteed a crowd.