Saturday's sale at Aurivo mart saw another strong trade for good quality lots.

Farmer buyers continue to be very active for all store cattle. Good quality store bullocks and heifers were a very solid trade, although lesser quality types did see prices ease slightly.

There were a few beef bullocks available on the day were snapped up by agents, while there was also very strong demand for all feeding cattle. Forward bullocks over 600kg are mainly selling from €700 to €900 along with their weight, and were bought mainly for further feeding.

Heavy heifers remain a similar trade to the equivalent bullock. Store bullocks from 400kg to 500kg made from €600 to €850 with their weight, depending on quality. Similar quality heifers were a similar trade and demand was strong.

Lesser quality types from 300kg to 400kg sold from €700 to €1000/head, or €400 to €600 along with their weight. Some plainer Angus cattle were on offer and were met with strong demand.