STIHL Battery Powered Revolution
STIHL continue to lead the way in developing new innovative technologies that offer real solutions to practical problems.

Whether in your own garden or in professional applications, with battery technology from STIHL you can take on any challenge. From chainsaws and hedge trimmers to leaf blowers and lawn mowers, we have your whole garden covered.

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STIHL Cordless Power

STIHL Cordless Power is strong and flexible with a quietness that’s unheard of. STIHL Cordless Power is designed to do the hard work for you. With the STIHL COMPACT and PRO cordless ranges, you are bound to find the perfect cordless power tools for your needs.

STIHL COMPACT Cordless Power System

The STIHL COMPACT Cordless Power System is perfect for medium to large gardens. The compact universal AK battery fits every tool in the range, from the MSA 120 C-BQ chainsaw and HSA 56 hedge trimmer to the FSA 56 grass trimmer and BGA 56 blower, you can easily maintain your garden using this complete range of products.

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STIHL PRO Cordless Power System

STIHL PRO Cordless Power is strong, quiet and professional. STIHL PRO Cordless Power is ideal for large gardens and professional users.

Powerful performance, long battery life and outstanding handling are essential when tackling more demanding gardening jobs. STIHL's professional cordless products offer quiet, emission free performance, useful in noise-sensitive areas.

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Why choose Cordless?

The STIHL PRO cordless power system offers the perfect solution for every professional application

5 reasons to choose a battery powered tool

1. One battery for every job

All of our cordless tools are powered by the same universal battery and charger, giving you the flexibility to switch between tools.

2. Long Running Time

Our highly efficient electric motors maximise the Lithium-Ion battery power to ensure consistent and long-lasting service.

3. Cable Free

In smaller spaces, the lack of cable means that you can move freely and get into tight corners. In larger gardens, it is easy with a cordless tool to cover a greater distance without the limitation of the cord.

4. Quality

A huge amount of time has gone into creating STIHL and VIKING cordless tools and batteries so that you get the best performance every time. Our hand-picked Approved Dealers extend this quality through their personal customer service and professional servicing.

5. Prestige

Every product in STIHL and VIKING’s cordless power tool range has received the Quiet Mark award, awarded to the quietest high performance technologies that reduce unwanted noise in our environment. Our cordless lawn mower has been awarded the ‘Blue Angel’ environmental label for its quiet and environmentally friendly operation.

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Vacancy: machinery editor
An exciting opportunity has arisen for a candidate to join our team as machinery editor.

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

  • Planning, sourcing and writing quality machinery content.
  • Ensuring content is farmer-focused, relevant and innovative.
  • Leading a team of machinery specialists.
  • Candidate requirements:

  • Passion for and broad knowledge of the machinery industry.
  • Strategic vision of how machinery can best serve Irish farmers.
  • Strong understanding of existing and emerging machinery developments.
  • Target and results driven.
  • Candidates should email CV and cover letter to the HR manager at with ‘Machinery Editor’ in the subject line. Application deadline: 9 July 2018

    Applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

    The Irish Farmers Journal is an equal opportunities employer.

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    Improving your Oilseed Rape Harvest Management
    This season more than ever correct pre-harvest Roundup® Brands desiccation will be essential for growers.

    The winter and spring weather conditions have resulted in a range of pod maturities within the canopy. Increasingly growers have drilled hybrid varieties at lower seed rates, plants produce thicker stems and with the application of growth regulators and fungicides there is more moisture left in the plant at maturity.

    Desiccation with Roundup Brands will be the key to ensure more timely and reliable harvesting, fewer volunteers, savings in drying costs, and earlier entry to following crop.

    What are the main benefits of using Roundup Brands for harvest management?

    Far less troublesome combining – 91%

    Valuable extra weed control – 82%

    Less drying cost – 80%

    More reliable harvest timing – 76%

    The Timing Guide for Efficient Harvesting of Oilseed Rape

    Apply Roundup Brands when the crop moisture content of the Oilseed rape seeds is below 30%. This may be determined visually by following the 3 steps detailed below.

    1. Select an area of the crop which is representative of the field. Pick, at random, a total of 20 pods from the middle of the main raceme.

    2. Open each pod. If a colour change from green to brown is seen in at least two thirds of the seeds per pod in at least fifteen of the pods picked, the earliest correct stage for spraying has been reached. However, if approximately half the seeds have turned brown, the crop should be ready in 3 days, but repeat the procedure to check that the correct stage has been reached. NB. Spraying too early will lead to poor desiccation.

    3. Repeat the procedure in other areas of the crop to check assessment is applicable to the entire field. Spray within 4 days, unless the weather is very cool, then the window can be extended to 7 days.

    Harvesting – The statutory harvest interval is 14 days, up to 21 days may be necessary before combining .

    Weed stage – For effective control of weeds they must be healthy and actively growing. Weeds that have senesced or died back or are suffering from drought may not be as susceptible.

    For further advice on improving your harvest management visit