The number of calves in sales is tailing off but not at the same pace as last year.

This week, there were 34% more calves traded than the same week last year. Almost 80% of all calves traded this week were Angus- and Hereford-sired. After seeing a bounce in the last fortnight, prices have eased again as supply outweighs demand for the later-born calf.

Angus heifers averaged €90/head this week while bulls were €129/head, both back almost €30/head on the previous week. Hereford bulls suffered the same reduction to an average price of €153/head, but Hereford heifers averaged €111/head, similar to last week.

Friesian bull calf prices also eased in line with Angus prices in the last seven days, to an average of €53/head, back €24/head on the week. Interestingly, Friesian females, at an average price of €98/head, saw the biggest price reduction compared to the same week last year, back €128/head.

At this point over 60% of calves traded are at least four weeks old, with two-week-old calves accounting for just 8% of all calves sold in marts this week.