Researchers from Teagasc and the University of Galway are conducting a research study to solve the mystery around grass clover swards and need your help with their survey.

This online survey, where farmers have the opportunity to express their opinions about clover, is just 10 minutes long and is available here.

A trending topic has been the introduction of clover into grazing swards, Felipe Aguiar Noury from Teagasc told the Irish Farmers Journal.


"Despite efforts to promote its adoption, not much is known about farmers’ experiences with clover. In fact, farmers’ opinions and expectations around grass clover swards are a mystery.

"Through this survey, farmers can talk about their positive or negative experiences with clover. They can manifest their worries, uncertainties, complaints, or recommendations that could be useful to other farmers.

"The findings of the survey will shed light on grass clover swards and how farmers feel about it. They will put farmers’ fist on the table and give exposure to the realities they are facing," he said.

In addition, he said the results of this study will provide unbiased feedback about clover that will reflect the satisfaction of the average farmer.

"These findings will be communicated to the general farming public, strategic partners and policy makers," he added.