Important deadlines for preliminary and AMS notifications
Darren Carty
AMS notifications for a small minority of farmers must be responded to by Thursday 20 June, while the deadline for responding to preliminary check notifications is Friday 21 June 2024.
12 June 2024 Schemes
Exclusive: west in line for €15m CAP payment boost
Modelling of BISS payments by the Department of Agriculture shows payments totalling €15m will be foregone by 15 counties and transferred mainly to 11 western counties.
12 June 2024 Schemes
€15m in BISS funding crossing county lines under convergence
The move from 60% to 85% convergence will see 15 counties experience a combined cut of €15m, with this funding transferring to nine counties, mainly located along the western seaboard.
Opportunity to correct BISS applications without penalty
Preliminary checks and AMS notifications will allow farmers the opportunity to rectify issues with their BISS and other area-based scheme applications without penalty.
5 June 2024 News
Eye in the sky to be used for ACRES checks in 2024
The Department of Agriculture has issued correspondence to advisers reminding them that the AMS will be used to check compliance with extensively grazed pasture and winter bird food actions in 2024.
31 May 2024 Schemes
Sheep management: enzootic abortion, selling hoggets and scheme dates
While breeding seems a long time away early lamb producers in particular are being advised of potential supply shortages of enzootic abortion vaccines.
29 May 2024 Management
Deadline of 31 May for BISS amendments
Late amendments can be submitted up to 10 June but these are subject to a 1% penalty per working day.
29 May 2024 Schemes
Over 124,000 apply for BISS
This is down nearly 4,500 applications from last year, which saw over 128,500 in by the May deadline.
17 May 2024 News
Attention turns to BISS late applications and amendments
There is a 25-day calendar period after 15 May where applications can be submitted, subject to a penalty, while amendments can be submitted without penalties until 31 May
15 May 2024 Schemes
Surge in BISS applications
In the region of 20,000 applications were submitted in recent days with advisers putting in a huge effort in to get all applications over the line.
15 May 2024 Schemes
Final push as BISS applications exceed 106,471 submissions
With 106,471 applications submitted as of 12 May 2024, it leaves over 20,000 applications to be submitted in the final few days before Wednesday’s deadline of midnight on 15 May 2024.
13 May 2024 Schemes
Big push to get 45,000 BISS applications submitted
It is estimated that there are in the region of 45,000 BISS applications to be submitted in the final 10 days before the deadline of midnight on Wednesday, 15 May.
8 May 2024 Schemes