Planting decisions and risk management for 2024
Siobhán Walsh
With a severe decline in the area planted to winter cereals and oilseed rape, tillage farmers need to plan ahead for the 2024 season.
11 October 2023 Viewpoints
Home Farm: pressured progress
Late sown wheat without an effective seed dressing has led to serious yield losses in the past.
11 October 2023 News
Tirlán grain prices announced for harvest 2023
Tirlán has announced its grain prices for harvest 2023. Trading bonuses need to be taken into consideration while looking at the prices.
IFA suggests wild bird cover payment for unharvested crops
Some farmers have had crops badly hit by weather events over the month of September. Storm Agnes and heavy rain last week added to this.
4 October 2023 News
Grain prices: Dairygold to pay €200/t for green barley
Dairygold's board met this week and settled grain prices for harvest 2023. These prices include bonuses to the co-op's shareholders.
3 October 2023 News
Wet weather delays harvesting and winter crop preparations
Many farmers are still struggling to harvest crops, as wet weather hampers work. This is also impacting on catch crop planting.
20 September 2023 News
Farmer Writes: I’ve driven a Land Rover for 45 years
Farmer Gerald Potterton writes about the benefits for growing beans this year and his love of his lost Land Rover.
13 September 2023 Farmer Writes
Cereal harvest draws to a close as prices fall
Most spring cereal crops have now been harvested. Grain prices are dropping as farmers wrap up what has been a difficult harvest.
13 September 2023 News
Tillage Management: ordering seed and checking out recommended lists
There is plenty to do in preparation for sowing on tillage farms. Some farmers are of course still finishing off the harvest.
13 September 2023 Husbandry
Home Farm: fields now cleared of straw
We got the oilseed rape sown and rolled. Like last year, we stubble-cultivated and then went in with a disc and crumbler bars and followed with the one-pass.
6 September 2023 Viewpoints
Bean yields vary from less than 2t/ac to 3t/ac
Many farmers have now finished up their 2023 harvest and are busy preparing ground for the next crops.
6 September 2023 News
Plenty of spring cereals to be cut, beans harvest under way
Tillage farmers continue to harvest crops and are also planting oilseed rape at present, but unsettled weather continues to interrupt work.
30 August 2023 News