Major biomethane conference to take place next week
Stephen Robb
The 2024 Biomethane Conference will take place in Croke Park on Wednesday 12 June and will focus on the Government’s plans to develop 150 to 200 AD plants and a farmer-centric circular economy.
29 May 2024 News
Government outlines roadmap to AD development
The long-awaited National Biomethane Strategy contains 25 measures aimed at making it easier and viable to produce vast amounts of renewable biomethane gas from agriculturally fed AD plants.
29 May 2024 News
Expression of interest for biomethane funding now open
Developers whose anaerobic digestion plant will be in operation by 2025 are being invited to submit an expression of interest for funding under the new €40m Biomethane Capital Grant Scheme.
Government launches roadmap for Irish AD sector
The long-awaited National Biomethane Strategy was published with 25 actions which will kick-start the development of Ireland's anaerobic digestion sector.
28 May 2024 News