Musical magic at Jim of the Mills
Ciara Leahy
Rural pubs are in sharp decline but that elusive combination of culture, music and a warm welcome keeps Jim of the Mills in Tipperary packed on a Thursday night, writes Ciara Leahy.
28 February 2024 Katherine O'Leary
One hundred cows calved and it is still only February
Compact calving is intense but the period is short lived. It is important to treat the people we work with with dignity and respect and that includes family members.
28 February 2024 Blog
Ann Devine: 'the fellas who put them in looked ethical enough to me'
Ann Devine chats with her environmentally conscious niece about solar panels.
I don't want my house to become a dumping ground
Dear Miriam, I feel like my sister-in-law treats my house like a dumping ground for her kids' old things.
28 February 2024 Ask Miriam
Mullooly Matters
'We were green before you' Ciaran Mullooly told a campaigner on climate change recently - and here's why the Midlanders won't let us forget.
28 February 2024 Blog
It's important to vote on 8 March
On Friday 8 March, the people of Ireland will vote on two separate constitutional amendments. Here, advocates on each side explain why they are in favour of, or opposed to, each referendum proposal.
28 February 2024 Editorial
Katherine O'Leary: ‘I hope that my experience has given hope to people'
Brenda O’ Donohue from RTÉ’s Countrywide dropped by and we chatted about everything from diagnosis, treatment and surgery to getting back in the calf shed, writes Katherine O’Leary.
21 February 2024 Katherine O'Leary
Desperate Farmhusband: new cows and auld tricks
When our Desperate Farmhusband needs a solution to a farming problem, he likes to go to the AFN, otherwise known as the Auld Farmers Network, for the answers he needs.
21 February 2024 Features
Ask Miriam: 'am I stuck in a situationship’ with my other half?'
Dear Miriam, I have been seeing a farmer for a year, but he has refused to come to a wedding with me or plan a holiday. Is there a future for us?
21 February 2024 Ask Miriam
Editorial-Walking the road together
Katherine O'Leary's columns documenting her cancer journey lit up the airwaves on RTE's Countrywide last Saturday morning, writes Ciara Leahy.
21 February 2024 Editorial
Mullooly Matters
An Post bursts the tyres with closures after the State makes a new rural wheel, writes Ciaran Mullooly.
21 February 2024 Blog
Editorial: pass the Lemsip
All the lessons that have been drilled into us in recent years - in terms of limiting infection - really have fallen to the wayside, writes Ciara Leahy.
14 February 2024 Editorial