Thrive weekly roundup: weighing yearlings, sick calves and pneumonia warning
Declan Marren
This week's dairy beef programme roundup has an update of the yearlings' performance on the demo farm, some issues with pink eye in calves and a pneumonia warning for calves recently turned out.
25 May 2022 Management
Sheep management: Marketing cull ewes and deciding on lamb castration
Producers with cull ewes to sell need to be mindful of the most lucrative sales avenue for the type of ewes on hand.
3 May 2022 Management
Drafting young bulls for slaughter
Young bulls that are coming close to slaughter weight should be handled regularly to monitor fat cover before drafting.
Performance check on replacement heifers
Herd owners should be checking the weight gain in replacement heifers over the winter, ensuring animals are on track to hit target breeding weight.
22 February 2022 Management
Watch: Simmental bulls hit 560kg on Tullamore Farm
Niamh Gunn chats to farm manager Shaun Diver to analyse the 2021-born bull performance on Tullamore Farm.
21 January 2022 News