Bluetongue outbreak would 'severely impact' live trade
Deputy chief veterinary officer at the Department of Agriculture June Fanning outlines the impact of a case of bluetongue in Ireland, should one be identified.
18 October 2023 News
Bluetongue risk heightened as virus continues to spread in Europe
June Fanning, deputy chief veterinary officer, at the Department of Agriculture outlines the current Bluetongue situation in Europe and outlines how we can keep the virus out of Ireland.
11 October 2023 News
New crypto vaccine set to become available
Calves at birth are most vulnerable to the parasite which causes cryptosporidiosis scour.
Dairy Management: weather, slurry and sick calves
An extension to the slurry spreading date will take the pressure off farmers looking to get slurry spread
4 October 2023 Management
Five tips for managing cattle at housing time
Ground conditions have deteriorated and many farmers have started housing cattle. Outlined are five things to consider when housing cattle.
23 September 2023 Management
BVD tag scheme payment of €2/calf commences
The payment is being paid on a maximum of 25 calves (€50 maximum payment) born in the herd between 1 August 2022 and 31 July 2023.
18 September 2023 Schemes
Heavy workload a barrier to safety for 90% of farmers – study
Farmers were asked in a study what they perceived as barriers to safety on their farms.
13 September 2023 News
ATU study looks at key risks and hazards for farmers
This research aims to develop an intervention strategy to support decision-making factors of Irish farmers to reduce injury, illness and fatalities.
9 September 2023 News
Ewes not thriving – are underlying health issues to blame?
The Thin Ewe Study run by the Department’s Regional Veterinary Laboratories and Teagasc provides a good opportunity for farmers to investigate underlying health issues.
2 September 2023 Animal Health
Five management jobs for late summer
As the grazing season moves into late summer, there are a few management tasks that should take priority.
12 August 2023 Management
Inclusion of IBR testing rule in beef scheme a breach of trust - IFA
The IFA is seeking a meeting with Animal Health Ireland to raise the concerns of farmers in relation to the mandatory IBR testing requirement as part of the National Beef Welfare Scheme.
11 August 2023 News
Rural environment supports children’s immune systems
The study revealed that children who are active outdoors in rural areas with exposure to animals have better-regulated immune systems.
5 August 2023 News