Colm McCarthy: dangers of a borrowing binge
Colm McCarthy
Inflationary pressures and rising interest rates leave Ireland in a precarious position, writes Colm McCarthy.
15 June 2022 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy: Minister Donohoe flags clouds on the economic horizon
Minister Donohoe’s speech reads like it was aimed at the cabinet and his colleagues do not seem keen to read the memo.
1 June 2022 News
Rising interest rates signalled by ECB
Less aggressive approach to increasing interest rates signalled by ECB compared with the US.
ECB interest rate hike to cost farmers €14m
The European Central Bank (ECB) has indicated that two interest rate increases of 0.25% each will come into force in July and September.
1 June 2022 News
ECB president gives reasons why inflation is up
ECB president Christine Lagarde has come out suggesting we are not back at the booming 2019 economy levels just yet.
29 May 2022 News
Colm McCarthy: the easy money period is coming to an end in Europe
The low cost of Government borrowing in Ireland in recent years reflects ECB policy and it should not be taken for granted.
23 March 2022 Opinion
Colm McCarthy: the response to the inflation spike needs to be realistic
The electricity credit has two merits: it is once-off, as the inflation spike is expected to be, and it targets a major component, namely energy bills.
16 February 2022 Opinion