Europe seeks greater emissions reduction from land use and forestry
Barry Murphy
A provisional EU agreement has laid out policy for calculating carbon removed and omitted by land and forestry as well as mechanisms to hold member states to account for failing to meet targets.
12 October 2022 Features
Violence against women an issue that needs to be addressed
We see it on the news daily, violence against women in war-torn countries or those with an unfamiliar culture but it is also happening in our communities and in our institutions.
29 September 2022 EU
Cow permit proposals would force some farmers out - MEP
MEP Billy Kelleher's comments come less than a week after Ireland joined many other member states in calling on the Commission to change its plan at the EU's council of farm ministers.
Three-day Ploughing extravaganza returns
Luke Ming Flanagan's enormous tent could have housed the entire political circus at the 2022 National (and World) Ploughing Championships.
21 September 2022 Dealer
Farm organisations respond to animals transport welfare recommendations
Farm organisations have responded to recommendations from the European Food Safety Authority which question the welfare of dairy cull cows and calves during transport.
14 September 2022 News
More farm certification needed in CAP schemes - EU report
The recommendation was the result of a report commissioned by the European Parliament’s agricultural and rural affairs committee.
29 August 2022 News
European Parliament sets out parameters for Indian trade deal
MEPs warn that any trade agreement with India must be informed by European values and standards.
10 July 2022 News
More help needed to get Ukrainian grain out by land - Ciolos
Romanian MEP and former Commissioner Dacian Ciolos has called for more to be done by the EU to assist Ukrainians attempting to export grain and livestock.
7 July 2022 News
Sustainable farming can improve food security - Ciolos
The Commissioner who oversaw the 2013 CAP reform has said policymakers’ focus remain on measures that are a win for both farmers and the environment when responding to Ukraine.
6 July 2022 EU
Green MEPs pushing for Mercosur deal changes to benefit farmers
Ireland’s two Green Party MEPs have cited environmental concerns relating to beef imported from less environmentally friendly countries as a reason to change the terms of Mercosur.
24 June 2022 News
Policymakers’ mindset has shifted towards food security – MEP
MEP Billy Kelleher has said that Europe has refocused on the need to remain conscious of food security when debating environmental policy.
MEPs seek solutions from Brussels for State's forestry ‘failures’
The Commissioner for Agriculture has been urged to open an investigation into the failures of the current forestry regime.
10 June 2022 News