Green MEPs pushing for Mercosur deal changes to benefit farmers
Noel Bardon
Ireland’s two Green Party MEPs have cited environmental concerns relating to beef imported from less environmentally friendly countries as a reason to change the terms of Mercosur.
Policymakers’ mindset has shifted towards food security – MEP
MEP Billy Kelleher has said that Europe has refocused on the need to remain conscious of food security when debating environmental policy.
10 June 2022 News
MEPs seek solutions from Brussels for State's forestry ‘failures’
The Commissioner for Agriculture has been urged to open an investigation into the failures of the current forestry regime.
Glyphosate not cancerous - EU expert group
The European Chemicals Agency believes the universal herbicide to not be carcinogenic, a boost towards its continued use.
8 June 2022 News
Targeted schemes needed to counter decline of Europe’s small farms
A report compiled for the European Parliament has found that agricultural payments need to be more targeted to more effectively address the challenges they are intended to.
27 April 2022 News
Being heard in Brussels has never been more challenging
The nature of how the EU’s political process works has evolved over the last 20 years.
27 April 2022 Dealer
Sinn Féin MEP launches Farm Safety and Wellbeing Survey
Sinn Féin MEP for Midlands Northwest Chris MacManus, a member of The Left Group in the European Parliament, is asking farmers to share their views and experiences on farm safety and wellbeing.
MEPs vote for food security impact assessment of EU Green Deal
MEPs also rejected calls to cut livestock numbers to cut down on the demand for land and grain.
28 March 2022 News
Letter regarding the work done by farm organisations
"The lobbying done here in the European Parliament by the Irish farmers bodies was very significant." - Seán Kelly MEP
16 February 2022 Letters
EU must be aware of leakage as carbon removal targets are set - MEP
EU politicians are not in agreement on carbon removals targets from the agriculture, land use and forestry sectors by 2030.
26 January 2022 EU
MEPs back amendments on calf exports
Irish MEPs Billy Kelleher and Colm Markey called for their fellow MEPs to agree animal transport proposals based on science and the reality of farming.
20 January 2022 News
Animal transport rules should protect animals, not punish farmers - EPP
One of the European Parliament’s largest political blocks has said that there is room for improvement on current EU animal transport regulations, but called for measures that won’t punish farmers.
20 January 2022 News