Looking after the health of dairy calves
Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan has some key management advice for looking after dairy bred calves this summer.
8 May 2024 Management
BPS applications, breeding and buying cattle for grazing
In this week's Beef Management, Adam Woods takes a look at getting your BPS application right, breeding and what to dose purchased animals with going to grass.
17 April 2024 Management
Beef Management: breeding, dosing and silage budgeting
In this week's Beef Management, Adam Woods takes a look at breeding dates, dosing at turnout and doing a silage budget for winter 2024.
Sheep Management: liver fluke warning, scanning records and sheep census
Liver fluke dosing plans may need to be reviewed for higher vigilance of issues following the identification of unusually late cases of acute/sub-acute liver fluke.
27 December 2023 Management
Beef management notes: Fodder budgets and body condition scoring
Beef editor Adam Woods takes a look at fodder budgets, coccidiosis, body condition scoring and taking a break over the holiday period
20 December 2023 Management
Sheep management: SIS actions, sheep census and rumen fluke
Year two of the Sheep Improvement Scheme will run from 1 January to 31 December 2024 and streamline actions, such as scanning, in to the next calendar year.
20 December 2023 Management