Health: enjoy the heather honey while it lasts
Heather honey ‘buzzing with health benefits’, says beekeeper Willie O’Byrne
15 November 2023 Features
Margaret Leahy: what are all these labels telling us?
Margaret Leahy's head was spinning after a recent trip to Canada, where she had a conversation with a supermarket owner about the many food labels and certifications on offer to consumers.
8 November 2023 News
Grapevine: This Co Dublin farmer has set the standard for Irish viticulture
Irish wine from Irish grown grapes? David Llewellyn has achieved what many have often felt to be impossible with his line of Lusca wines. Janine Kennedy chats with the Co Dublin winemaker.
Strongly rooted partnership between Cork veg farmer and well-known restauranteur
Cork restauranteur Denis Cotter says his approach to food changed when he first started working with Irish farmers - and two Irish farmers in particular, writes Janine Kennedy
18 October 2023 News
Entertaining at home: exceptional and accessible beers to enjoy with friends
Gathering a crowd to watch the next big match? Try some of these Irish craft beers which are available throughout the country, writes Janine Kennedy.
4 October 2023 Neven
Starting an urban food revolution- one mushroom at a time
Revolution Farm & Kitchen started in 2020 when co-founder Paddy Arnold saw how many coffee grounds were being thrown out each day, writes Janine Kennedy
12 July 2023 News
Producer’s plate: seafood with a side of sustainability
Shine’s Seafood was created from a desire to bring the Iberian quality of preserved seafood to wild-caught Irish fish, writes Janine Kennedy.
21 June 2023 Recipes
In-season sweetness at The Apple Farm
Con Traas may be well known for the apples he grows on his Co Tipperary farm, but during the summer months his strawberries are equally sought after.
21 June 2023 Recipes
Margaret Leahy: small-scale producers keep family farms sustainable
Small farmers and producers contribute greatly to rural development and the diversity of Irish agriculture, writes Margaret Leahy.
7 June 2023 Features