US court ruling may hinder some biotech developments
Andy Doyle
Fields can often seem greener at the other side of the mountain, but are they?
27 July 2022 Husbandry
Harvest moving at pace as crops mature early
Many grower will be hoping for a better average performance from their other crops than they achieved with winter barley.
What does it mean to be a farmer?
A new book explores what it meant to be a farmer in the past and what the job could look like in the future. Peter McCann reports
Last treatments being applied as harvest draws nearer
The last of the final fungicides are now being applied on all remaining crops.
22 June 2022 Husbandry
Editorial roundup: the TB of tillage and ACRES of PR but little detail
The case for declaring blackgrass as a noxious weed, little detail in ACRES and why we need to work with the British government on emissions.
22 June 2022 Viewpoints
Tillage podcast: growing fodder for livestock, markets and weather
There is plenty of work to be done on tillage farms as unsettled weather has delayed spraying of some crops.
9 June 2022 News
Letter regarding the importance of the Glyphosate for Irish agriculture
"Importance of the herbicide glyphosate for Irish agriculture" - Dr Thomas McLoughlin, Hillcrest, Mulgannon. Loch Garman
8 June 2022 Letters
Glyphosate not cancerous - EU expert group
The European Chemicals Agency believes the universal herbicide to not be carcinogenic, a boost towards its continued use.
8 June 2022 News
Decision on glyphosate postponed
Delays due to the processing of the submissions from the glyphosate public consultation process have led to a postponement of the December 2022 decision on it re-registration.
25 May 2022 News
Source to Tap delivers big financial return
Preventing pollution in catchments is much more financially attractive than investing in water treatment works
25 May 2022 Northern Ireland
Sheep Management: weed control, safeguarding chemical use and tick control
The growth stage at which weeds are treated can have a big bearing on the success of treatment.
4 May 2022 Management
The growing threat of Italian ryegrass herbicide resistance
While many or most cereal growers are aware of the scourge of blackgrass, Vijaya Bhaskar A.V. of Teagasc states that a growing Italian ryegrass problem represents an equally big or even bigger threat.
13 April 2022 Crops