Farmer Writes: every day's a school day
James Strain
'Demand for cattle is strong and the price is decent. There was a lot of meal consumed over the winter, but all in all I’m happy with how they did' - James Strain.
27 December 2023 News
Over 10,500 farmers complete IBR testing
The mandatory measure in the National Beef Welfare Scheme was completed by over two thirds of participants and should provide a good dataset to get an insight on IBR prevalence in sucker herds.
15 December 2023 News
€14.2m paid to 15,834 farmers under Beef Welfare Scheme
The scheme offered payment of €35 per eligible calf up to 40 calves and up to €300 per herd for IBR testing.
Farmer Writes: no more walking on the wild side
With stock housed, Tommy Moyles had the chance to put the herd through the yard recently and noted the temperament differences in stock within the herd.
29 November 2023 Farmer Writes
Beef Management: weight targets, mineral feeding and Teagasc's Beef Conference
Adam Woods takes a look at dairy beef targets, mineral feeding to suckler cows and the upcoming Teagasc beef conference
15 November 2023 Management
Stress a huge factor in pneumonia incidence
Beef editor Adam Woods sits down with Sarah Higgins MVB, ruminant & equine veterinary manager at MSD Animal Health to talk about issues around pneumonia and its prevention.
28 October 2023 Breeding & health
Winter health management critical to performance
Adam Woods previews this week’s indoor health management focus.
25 October 2023 Animal Health
IBR, the disease and its control
Dr Maria Guelbenzu, programme manager for BVD and IBR, Animal Health Ireland, takes a look at IBR this week.
25 October 2023 Breeding & health
Beef Management: scheme deadlines and controlling vermin on your farm
Adam Woods takes a look at some important scheme deadlines coming up this week and how to avoid vermin issues during the winter months.
25 October 2023 Management
IBR testing frustration and fears at Galway IFA debate
Farmers expressed both frustration and fear on the IBR testing action of the new beef scheme.
19 October 2023 News