Carbon Working Group exclusion sparks farmer anger
Declan O’Brien
The 'exclusion' of the farm organisations from the working group was described as 'hugely disappointing' by the ICMSA.
5 June 2024 News
Big ticket items lose out on VAT refunds
On Tuesday, it issued a long-awaited updated list of eligible items which farmers can reclaim VAT on.
5 June 2024 News
Dairy markets harden amid poor supply outlook
There is now an acceptance among international dairy buyers that milk supplies are not bulletproof and will not rebound in the medium term.
ICMSA demands more clarity on VAT
The ICMSA claimed it was very hard to understand why automatic calf feeders and robotic scrapers are not eligible for a VAT refund.
4 June 2024 News
What do farm leaders demand of Ireland’s next batch of MEPs?
With the European elections looming, the Irish Farmers Journal spoke to the IFA, the ICSA, the INHFA and Macra on the upcoming elections.
3 June 2024 News
Biogas will have to be underwritten 'at point of sale' - ICMSA
The ICMSA has said that the financial model laid out in the newly launched biomethane strategy is guaranteed to fail.
31 May 2024 News
Weather triggers serious farmer mental health concerns
The general consensus in the agricultural sector is that the mood among farmers is on the floor.
29 May 2024 Feature
ICMSA challenges President Higgins’ comments on Irish farming
ICMSA president Denis Drennan said he wants to correct a number of misunderstandings in an interview given by President Higgins.
28 May 2024 News
ICMSA joins EU farmer protest in Brussels
Denis Drennan of the ICMSA has said that the same pressures of stress experienced by Irish farmers are also being felt by farmers in France, Germany, Denmark and Italy.
27 May 2024 News
ICMSA to take part in protest in Brussels next week
The EU and member states finally act on the historic threat to farmer incomes and the ability of the EU to feed itself going forward, ICMSA president Denis Drennan said.
22 May 2024 News
Review of TAMS reference costs needed – ICMSA
The ICMSA called on Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue to initiate the process of such a review.
9 May 2024 News
Concrete costs rise amid cement price hike
The cost of concrete has increased by around €50/m3, or 55% since the spring of 2021.
8 May 2024 News